Office Snack Drawer

I work in an office for 8+ hours a day. Most days I bring my breakfast and lunch in an effort to eat healthier and save some moolah. There are some days when the meals I bring just aren’t enough to get me through the day and I like to have some healthy snacks on hand so I don’t go reaching for quarters and heading to the vending machine for a 3 Musketeers.

Here is my office snack drawer:


In it, you will find healthy snacks that help me stave off hunger and still be healthy. Of course, there’s some chocolate in there because, well, I’m still a female and still a choco-haloic.

In the drawer:

Fiber One 90 calorie chocolate chip cookies – man these things are good! They are super soft, taste more like a brownie and only 90 calories!

Almonds – obviously healthy choice.

Dark chocolate covered almonds – I can eat a handful of these and it satisfies my sweet tooth without compromising my healthy habits and all the calories I burned working out.

Justin’s almond butter and pretzels – I saw these snack packs at Target today and I bought a bunch of them. I love Justin’s almond butter and these are the perfect little snacks. The individual portion helps me not eat the entire jar of almond butter in one sitting, which I could probably do. These are the perfect 3 PM snack because they are salty and hit my love of all things almond butter.

Peppermint tea – sometimes I’m not in the mood to eat something but I feel hungry. Especially if it’s cold in the office, drinking a warm mug of peppermint tea warms me up and is enough caffeine to get through the day and still be able to sleep at night.

Some days I don’t touch this drawer and other days I eat a Fiber One brownie, a pretzel pack and a handful of almonds. I may or may not have done the latter today.  Having these snacks on hand keeps hunger at bay and helps me stick to a healthy eating lifestyle.

What snacks do you keep in your office? How do you avoid the 3 PM reach for the candy bars?

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