On the Daily

I love a routine, always have. I really like getting up at the same time and having a “normal” day. Of course I like exploring and experiencing new things, but there is some comfort in having a daily routine. Maybe next New Year’s, I’ll set a resolution to try new things everyday like Ross with the leather pants.


I thought it would make a cool post to share things that I do on the daily. And not sleep, take a shower or eat. Some random things, some funny things, some #basic things.

Everyday I…

  • Clean out Copley’s eye boogers. She doesn’t love it, but her eye tears and boogers are so dark that you can see them right away. She looks so much better once she’s clean.
  • Kiss Hubby goodnight. Obvi.
  • Drink hazelnut coffee. I love it!
  • Read blogs….here’s a list of my favorites
  • Check Instagram and Facebook…okay, that’s every hour, but who’s counting
  • Go to Bravotv.com
  • Talk to my mom
  • Workout….or at least think about working out
  • Watch Netflix to fall asleep
  • Search for houses in random locations
  • Online shop. I don’t always buy something but I browse some kind of e-commerce site every. single. day.

I think that covers it. Those are fairly random, aren’t they?

What do you do on the daily?

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