Packing for a 2 Week Vacation

Today’s the day. We are leaving shortly to get on the 9 hour flight back to Chicago to spend some time with family and friends. I know, we were just in Maine last month, which was amazing and really fun, and this time we are going back home to celebrate another friend’s wedding, my best friend’s bachelorette party and my cousin’s high school graduation.

We will be gone for about 2 weeks…and we’re bringing the dog…so packing poses quite the problem! I consider myself to be a pretty decent packer, but with free checked baggage on international flights, I tend to pack more. This trip, I tried to consolidate my outfits and not get crazy, especially on the shoe front. In the past, I would pack a ton of really cute outfits and end up in yoga pants and a sweatshirt all day, especially over the holidays with my family.

Here’s what I’m packing for my 2 week vacation back to the States.


  • 7 dresses! Dresses are great for packing because they take up little space but make a complete outfit. With so many events to attend over the txt two weeks, dresses are key. I have a dress for the bachelorette party, for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding and some casual dresses for going out to lunch and shopping.
  • Lounge/Workout clothes. We are staying with my aunt and uncle for the first week, which is going to be so nice because I haven’t seen them since….I don’t remember when! And with that comes a lot of lounging around the house, taking the pup for a walk around the neighborhood and hopefully some at home workouts. The great thing about these clothes is that they are small and can be easily folded into tiny pieces. I have a post tomorrow that will share my favorite no equipment workouts, which are great for vacations.


  • 2 pairs of shorts with mix & match shirts. I packed a lot of navy and a lot of black tops, both of which can be worn with my white shorts. And then I packed my elephant shorts, which are some of my favorites. They are super flattering because they are on the long side, which I love.
  • 1 jean jacket and 1 sweatshirt. It may get a little chilly at night and the jean jacket is just perfect for all outfits! I can wear it with any of my short outfits and quite a few of my dresses. An a summer-y sweatshirt for hanging out around the house, especially when the AC is up really high!
  • 6 pairs of shoes. I’m going to wear my gym shoes on the plane to save luggage space. The two wedges are great for all the dresses I brought and black and neutral sandals will go with everything. Flip flops….duh.


Of course, I also packed some accessories to brighten up my pretty plain clothes, which is my typical fashion sense. I love to add a pop of color to an all-black outfit no matter what season. This helps break up the outfits, especially because a lot of them are really similar.

The key to packing for such a long amount of time is to bring a similar color palette so you can bring a limited number of shoes and purses that go with all your outfits. I am only bringing one neutral purse with me for the whole trip. I love purses, but have found that by just bringing one, I save so much space. I’m pretty pleased with the amount I packed and am really looking forward to a few weeks back in the land of the English speakers!!

How do you pack for a long vacation?

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