Engagement Gifts for Friends

I’m at the point in life where the majority of my friends are¬†tying the knot! It is such an exciting time and I am so happy that my closest friends are getting to share in wedded bliss.

In December, one of my best friends since college got engaged! It was a long time coming and these two couldn’t be more perfect for each other. And just this weekend she asked me to be her bridesmaid in her upcoming destination wedding. I am so truly honored to be able to celebrate their love and wish them nothing but the best for their new life together.

I talked to my friend this past weekend and it got me thinking about gifts to get your friends when they get engaged.

Right when these two became betrothed, I sent them the cutest ring holder from Crate and Barrel. <— okay, she’s my friend and the gift is basically for her! ūüôā


Isn’t it precious? The best thing about it is the price tag. At only $12.95, it doesn’t break the bank but still lets the future Mr. and Mrs. know that you love them.

Here are some other great ideas to give your friends when they get engaged:

Something to proudly display your girlfriend’s new name:¬†


One of my bridesmaids actually got this for us for our wedding and I love it! It proudly hangs in our dining room. It has our initial, names and our wedding date. The frame is too perfect. I imagine she found it on Etsy. <— this site is probably the best when you’re searching for an engagement gift. Just search ‘engagement gift’ and you’ll be amazed what pops up!

Cutting Board


My sister got this for us and I LOVE IT! The pineapple is very special to us because Hubby actually proposed in front of the pineapple fountain in Charleston. I’m not sure where she bought it, but here’s a link to something similar.

These are favorite gifts that were gifted to me and as you can see, I love things with either a monogram or our name!

Some other ideas are:

His and Her’s¬†Decanter Collection

Just Married Bikini Bottoms for the honeymoon

A new beach bag with her new monogram

Frames for all their gorgeous wedding pictures

What did you receive for an engagement gift that you loved? Did you hate anything?

Early to Rise



Today and yesterday Hubby and I went to the gym before work. And when that alarm goes off at 4:50 AM, it sucks!!

But it sucks for about 2 minutes as my eyes start to adjust from sleeping to awake. It sucks because the covers are so cozy and the outside world is still. I don’t want to get up.

But then I do.

And I feel great! The second my feet touch the floor, I’m happy I’m awake. I get dressed, drink some water, grab my iPod (or today I grabbed my Andy Cohen book) and head on out.

Today’s workout was a cross-training day, so I hit up the elliptical, read my book and then did some weights. It was great.

As I sit at my desk eating lunch, I have come to the realization that working out in the morning has become my everything.¬†I love the feeling at around 7 AM. I feel accomplished, ready for the day and that I can do anything!! Even if it’s not the best workout of my life, it’s better than not doing it. Am I right? Am I right?

We’re on a ¬†2-day streak of early morning workouts and I want to continue rising early.

Do you wake up early? Do you workout in the morning? 

Marathon Training {14 Miles}


This week’s run called for another 14 miler. And it was a tough one.

I knew at mile 1 that is wasn’t going to be the best run ever. My legs were tired. My body was tired. I was mentally exhausted.

The first 7 miles weren’t bad. We were keeping on our goal marathon pace, having some pretty good conversation and the weather was great! I even took off my jacket.

Getting from mile 7 to mile 8 SUCKED ROYALLY! I mean, absolutely horrible. The wind started picking up, the sun went behind the clouds and it was uphill. I had to put on my jacket and was on the verge of tears. OK, let’s be honest, I did shed tears at mile 12 because I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

I really, really wanted to feel like the runner Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt describe in What Women Want, but I felt like the wind was literally pushing me down. And poor, poor Hubby. He was trying to be encouraging and telling me that I was doing a good job. But I wasn’t having it. I just wanted to be by myself in my misery. And my misery did not want company.

I even tried to say positive mantras to myself:
-Pain is just weakness leaving the body. BULL SHIT FLAG. I was in so much pain that the “weakness” wasn’t leaving fast enough.
-You’re better than everyone who’s still on the couch. WELL….I want to be ON THE COUCH!
-Just do it. I guess, that one worked a little bit. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

When it was all over, I cried because I was so thankful. I didn’t even save the run on my watch. I didn’t even look at pace for the last 5 miles. I wanted to pretend that this never happened.

Now that I’ve had a day to think about it and reflect, here’s what I learned from my worst run yet in marathon training:

You’re stronger than you think you are. I truly believed that I couldn’t continue. I thought about where I could sit on the side of the road and wait for Hubby to pick me up. But, I kept moving forward. I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

You never regret a work out or a run. I definitely do not regret running. I definitely do not regret burning almost 3,000 calories on Sunday. That’s a huge win!

Running during the week is a good thing. It was a long week and I didn’t even venture to the gym or put on my running shoes until Thursday. And I felt it. I was in pain from just not doing anything during the week. My goal for this week is do some kind of running, walking, biking, something aerobic every day.

Having a running partner is the only way to get through it. I am lucky enough that my running partner is also my life partner. Even though I wasn’t about to hear his words of encouragement, he knew that I needed to hear them and kept telling me how great I was. Looking back, I love him even more for doing this.

Am I glad I kept going? Yes. Am I also glad that run is behind me and I can only go forward. Hell yes.

Have you ever had a bad run? How did you combat it?

Friday Favs {March 13}

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday the 13th! I don’t believe in a negative Friday the 13th because I was born June 13th…it was a Monday…but a glorious day. Yayy for good things happening on the 13th!

Let’s jump right into standard Friday fashion: Friday Favs!

Avocado Toast


I was totally against avocado toast….until I tried it. I mean, who puts avocado on a piece of bread?! But, one day I had an avocado that was going to go bad, so I tried it. #holyyum!!! You MUST try it.

The above was my breakfast yesterday. 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, 1/2 avocado, 2 over easy eggs. As you can see, I’m not the best “flipper” of eggs and my yolks were everywhere. It was messy to eat but totally delicious. I add a sprinkle of sea salt to each piece, too, for some added flavor.

President Obama reads mean tweets.

You just have to watch it. It’s awesome.

FRIENDS Episodes on Netflix


I have always loved¬†FRIENDS¬†and could quote the entire series verbatim and own the box set, but watching the episodes on Netflix has been so fun. The quality is much better than my DVDs and it’s a great thing to watch in bed with Hubby. We just found out Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby! GASP!

This test from Buzzfeed! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.45.37 PM

This test guesses what kind of dog you have! I took it and it guessed I have a poodle….well….Copley is half poodle, half cocker spaniel, but I take this to mean Buzzfeed is insane and knows everything about me. Also, that line: So what if you’re kind of a stage mom, your dog is a star, is so me!! Copley can do no wrong!

What’s on your Friday Favs list? Do you like avocado toast?¬†

Slap Heard 'Round the World

Wow. Just wow.

There’s only horrible things to say about this week’s episode of¬†Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.¬†Aren’t these ladies supposed to be the uber-chic, insanely wealthy, charity going ladies who represent the 90210? Well, they sure aren’t acting like it!

We’re still in Amsterdam, which seems like a lovely city that I hope to visit one day, and the ladies all meet up for a day on the town! The group splits in 2: Team Lisa, Kimdi (how do we feel about that combo of Kim and Brandi’s names?) go shopping and Team KyYo visit museums. I have to say, shopping sounds more fun.

It’s all a little weird…a little off…a little too much. Everyone acts like nothing is wrong. I guess I get it because you’re on vacation and you want to salvage as much nice time as you can. But still.

The big drama of the evening comes on a private dinner boat tour of canals. What is it with having a fight at dinner? Whether it’s at a restaurant, on a boat or at someone’s home (remember the Dinner from Hell episode in season 1), what is it with these ladies having HUGE FIGHTS at dinner?! Maybe they’re angry because they don’t eat much dinner and have all the time in the world to yell at each other since they aren’t putting food in their mouths.

Here’s a “before” photo. Oh so nice!


Here’s the play by play in case you missed it:

Everyone arrives on the boat. Yo slips up and asks Kim if she grabbed a glass of champagne. #limedisease

Everyone acts like there wasn’t a huge fight 1 day ago where Lips tried threw a glass of wine at Kim.

Kyle gets uncomfortable with the “phoniness” and leaves. Yo and Vanderpump follow.

Everyone comes back to the table and Brandi starts playfully calling people out on the rumors around town.

Eileen doesn’t like being called a homewrecker.

Yolanda leaves to eat dinner. <—¬†someone is eating? And it’s Yo?

Everyone joins the table.

Brandi wants to go around the table and give a compliment to each girl.

It goes smoothly but oddly.

It’s Brandi’s turn and she runs to the bathroom crying. Girl got mad issues!

Tears are dried, everyone jokes about the love boat.

Brandi tries to kiss Vanderpump in a soap opera way. <—- seriously, is she a lezzie? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lisa tells her to stop it and that she’ll smack Brandi.

Brandi smacks Vanderpump across the face.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.33.51 PM


You read that right, Lisa Vanderpump gets slapped in the face by Brandi Glanville. (the image above isn’t a video, but it is if you click on the source link!)

Here are my 2 cents on the slap heard ’round the world:

1. You should NEVER hit someone else, especially someone as fabulous as Lisa Vanderpump. I mean, look at that hat. Only fabulous people can get away with wearing a hat like that.

2. Vanderpump blew it a little out of proportion.

Let me explain:

Brandi and Vanderpump were joking just before this happened, exactly like old times. Vanderpump jokingly said, “Stop. I’ll smack you,” as Brandi tried to kiss her. So, Brandi in her infinite wisdom, decided to actually slap Vanderpump! While I absolutely do not believe you should ever hit someone else (see my 1 cent comment), I don’t think Brandi meant anything malice by it. I definitely think she CRAY CRAY and out of control. But for Lisa to go out the next day and talk to Kyle about it in a way that made it seem worse than it really was is also wrong. Lisa told Brandi it wasn’t okay and that she crossed the line. Brandi apologized. You should probably move on and just chop it up to Brandi being drunk. Don’t most people?

Well, until next week. The episode does look phenomenal actually!!

Did you watch this episode? What did you think?