#RHONY Time Travel

What an episode. On the one hand it was a little boring and then on the other it was really sad!

It’s Ramona’s birthday and girl loves to celebrate! I can’t blame her. It’s so nice to see Ramona dance into the restaurant and look better than ever. I may or may not be searching Tru-ReNewal right now. Lady has some amazing skin. She has her 30 closest friends come to lunch and her girlfriends give her some premium gifts. Oh, hi, Gucci box, I see you.

Sonja. Oh poor Sonja. She has no idea what she’s doing. She is taking too much advice from too many people. And a Swarmi Priestess (?) is probably not the place to be going for advice. And we know for certain it’s not the place to be going because the advice is to write more and go to Christ. I mean, WTF?


Then we hop into the Delirium and go back to 2009 when Bethenny visits her therapist and discusses her many failures. In 2009, her failures were that she hadn’t found a man, her best friend screwed up everything, she had no money and her childhood sucked. In 2015, her failures are she lost a man, she doesn’t have any friends or a home, she has money but it’s all being taken away because of her divorce, her talk show failed and her childhood sucks. Seems like Bethenny hasn’t done any growing (except her bank account) in the past 6 years.

Some of the ladies go to a boxing match. Why?

Lu and Carole have an “argument” about the age difference between Carole and Adam. I am so over this conversation. I’m going to go snack on some gummy bears, KKB style.

Then Bethenny heads to Miami to see her stepfather and her BFF, Teri. I remember Teri from spin-off shows and she really does seem to have Bethenny’s back. Although, her hair has certainly looked better.

And, Luann is in Miami with her daughter, Victoria, for an art exhibition. Victoria has a piece displayed that is a painting of her nude. It’s beautiful and everything but I wouldn’t bring my mom to something where there was a picture of me naked on the wall…that I drew. But that’s me.

Then, Bethenny meets with her stepfather, John. It was a very real moment, to me. The two discussed their past and Bethenny’s issues because of it. I must say Bethenny did have quite the childhood. The most poignant thing John said was, “You have to remember, she never wanted a child,” speaking of Bethenny’s mother. This has to be a horrible thing to hear as the child in the situation.


At the end, Bethenny and John hug and go about their lives until the next time they get together. It probably won’t be until Bryn’s high school graduation.

Next week looks pretty epic, though!

Did you watch? Who’s your favorite housewife this season? 

Around the House

I have to be honest, I like a clean house. I don’t like when the curtains are drawn and you can see dust. I don’t like have dirty counter tops. And I really hate if the bed isn’t made.

Over the years, I used to save all the cleaning for Sunday. It wasn’t that big of a deal because it was just me and I spent the majority of my time at home asleep. Sundays were reserved for vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom. I would do laundry on Sundays, too, but just like everyone else in my Chicago apartment building.

Since moving to Michigan and living with Hubby, I’ve change my habits. I do some things every single day and it makes our house (well, apartment) much more organized and ready for impromptu guests.

Here’s a list of chores I do daily to keep a clean house:

Make the bed.


I’m that person who can’t focus if my bed isn’t made. For real. It’s a small thing but makes such a big impact on the day ahead. Man, our bedroom doesn’t look that happy, does it? Although the picture hanging above is a collection of pictures from the proposal. And a wedding picture on my night stand certainly makes me happy!

Wipe down the counters in the kitchen and bathroom.


I wash down the counters in the kitchen basically after every meal. Having a clean kitchen helps diminish my anxiety about how small it is. If the kitchen is dirty, I think it draws attention to the fact that it is small. Same thing in the bathroom. I don’t like having toothpaste in the sink, product spills on the counters or dust anywhere. I usually wash down the counters as I brush my teeth. It makes cleaning the bathroom much less annoying when it’s not done all at once. Also, this Scrubbing Bubbles with bleach is the best thing ever! I know bleach isn’t the best thing, but it cleans our apartment shower amazingly!

Put dog toys away.


Just a girl and her toys.


Every night before bed, I put all of Copley’s toys away her bin. I don’t like waking up to toys everywhere. It takes a solid 4 seconds but makes such a big difference. It is pretty incredible how many toys a 6 pound puppy has. She knocks over her bin every day to get to her toys.

Her toys live on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf in our “entry way.” The same shelf holds all my cookbooks and our wedding album. The toy bin I got at Target a few months ago, same with the pineapple. I love pineapples.

Dust something.

I hate dust. I hate looking it, I hate that I’m allergic to it, I just hate it. Every day I dust something. It’s either the book shelves, the end tables, the coffee table or the dressers. I dust, dust, dust. It’s super easy thanks to the Swiffer Duster. A little bit goes a long way.

That’s pretty much it! By doing a little bit each day, I feel our home is always clean and orderly. A clean space is a clean mind. And then it leaves cleaning the shower and the toilet and vacuuming for a weekly activity.

How do you keep your house clean? Am I the only crazy one?

New Running Goal

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours’ was pretty great. We had a nice, low-key night on Friday, a night on the town with friends on Saturday and giggled at Nick Offerman on Sunday. I was disappointed in the show and would give it a C+. I laughed but it wasn’t hilarious.

A big part of the weekend was running a 5K. It wasn’t organized or anything, I just put my shoes on and ran 3.1 miles. I am running that distance every Sunday and tracking my times to see if I can get faster.

My new running goal: 5K under 30 minutes by end of summer!


This is a picture from my fastest 5K and it was 32:18. Fastest ever. And it was just about 2 years ago. Time to step up my game. P.S. I want my legs to look this again!

Last week, my 5K was done in 34:05. That’s not too bad. My pace was much faster than the marathon pace.

Yesterday, my 5K was done in 32:58. And it was tough. I definitely pushed myself. I was huffing and puffing. And it was 85% humidity, so that was brilliant on my part. It felt great to just go out there and run. I looked down at my watch at one point and saw that it said 10:20. Speed demon.

I’m really excited to see how fast I can get. I did notice a difference yesterday in my legs and that I feel stronger. Thank you weight work outs.

What’s your next goal? Are you looking forward to summer runs?

Friday Favs {May 15}

What a week. It’s been super crazy around our house. Hubby has been working like crazy, I’ve been working like crazy and trying to stay on my health kick, which has been going really well. Oh, and we have a puppy who loves attention!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, here are my favs from this past week.

Pitch Perfect 2


Hubby and I went with a group of friends to see this movie last night and OMG it does not disappoint. The music is amazing and Rebel Wilson is absolutely hilarious. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard at one point. The music is the real selling point of this movie. The mash-ups are amazing. The Green Bay Packers cameo, epic. And honestly probably the only reason Hubby went to go see it. Oh, and Anna Kendrick.

I give this movie an A-. I’m glad we saw it in the theater, I laughed aloud and I want to buy the soundtrack. I’ll definitely also want to watch it again. You should just go see it!

Theaters with reclining seats 


We went to see the movie in a theater that just got new seats. They were amazing. They were leather, reclined electrically, and the arm rests lifted for snuggling. I admit, I really enjoyed the recline. Hubby and I snuggled during some parts but not through the entire thing because it got too uncomfortable and I didn’t want to fall asleep!

P.S. My shoes are old Sperry’s! They are so comfortable. I actually wore them on our last European vacation and my feet never hurt from all the walking.

Looking forward to our Sunday plans: Nick Offerman


We’re going to this comedy show on Sunday and I can’t wait!! Nick Offerman and his wife, Megan Muallally! I am so pumped! I loved Megan on Will & Grace and loved Nick on Parks and Recreation! I hope this show doesn’t disappoint.




I’ve heard a lot about Fabletics on other blog sites and I decided to bite the bullet and become a member. (Please note: non of these links are affiliate. I really did buy this)! I love Kate Hudson and I love work out apparel, seemed like a win-win. I ordered the above top and bottom for only $25 (since it was my first order) and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I hope it fits! It’s great motivation for me to keep working out if I have a cute outfit.

What are your favs from this week? Where do you buy your work out apparel? Are you going to see Pitch Perfect 2?

#RHONY becomes #RHONJ

How many tastes of dysfunction can you taste? <— throwback to a classic Bethenny line. If you didn’t get you. We can’t be friends.



I just don’t even know where to start with this episode.


This was me the entire time…and not the one who looks upset…the one who looks confused while pouring alcohol into a glass. What is happening with Sonja Morgan? She is living in the past when she hung out with Madonna (seriously? She won’t even come on WWHL) and JFK, Jr. I wonder how Carole feels about that reference?

The ladies all meet up at Lady Morgan’s to take the 3 hour drive to Atlantic City for Ramona’s first birthday single since her Cosmo article was printed. And by meet up I mean stand outside in the cold. The Lady of the house wasn’t ready for the others when they arrived, so she had one of her interns open the door to tell them they couldn’t come in. WOW.

It was raining and construction was happening across the street. Bethenny was late. Heather got PISSED. I don’t blame Heather for being all, “Let me in motherf-cker, holla!” but she blew it a little out of proportion. We all got it and the “argument” just keeps going and going. For 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it. The dinner on Scary Island didn’t last as long.

In the car, Bethenny tells Sonja to say she’s sorry and that she should stop bringing up the past. Will Sonja listen?

When they arrive, the booze keeps flowing. The ladies start to get ready for the night and Heather’s late. Whomp whomp. Bethenny uses this opportunity to slay Heather for brining up the fact that she was late earlier. It wasn’t good.


And the rest of the night gets worse.


Look at that hot mess. While at dinner, Sonja starts to ramble like her usual self about how she’s people promoter. She just can’t stop the word vomit. Everything that happened in the car, happened at the dinner table. It was so upsetting and I don’t even want to write about it.

Sonja does her usual dance moves and flashes her vajayjay to everyone! Does this girl seriously not won any underwear? Her husband must have gotten them in the divorce.

The next morning, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sonja apologizes to Bethenny and Bethenny tries to tell her she is spiraling out of control. These two were meant for each other…except Sonja is living 9 years in the past.

I know Bethenny came from a place of yes and wanting to really help Sonja. Sonja just doesn’t want to hear it. She takes fake it til you make it to a whole other level.

I feel badly for Sonja. I hope she gets the help she needs or the rest she needs. (Another Scary Island reference).

Have you ever witnessed someone in a downward spiral? What do you think of Sonja this season?