Creating a Workspace I Love

I’ve been in the workforce for almost 5 years. <—- holy cow! Seeing that in writing is absolutely crazy.

I’ve only ever had a cube and I’ve gone from having a completely blank cube, to a cube with one picture, to a cube with way too much paper on it. I think I’ve finally figured out how to create a workspace I love and feel inspired to sit for almost 10 hours per day.

I wanted to create a space that was almost an extension of my home but also functioned as an area to boost creativity, make me feel calm and happy, as well as have everything I need to get my work done all in one place. Here’s how my cube currently looks:


We have all the essentials here: computer, planner with to-do’s for the day, notebook with meeting notes, bulletin board with my goals and Copley picture, wedding picture and Anthropologie mug. And an essential fleece jacket for the freezing office.

image2     image3

The other side of my cube is where I keep all my files. I have OCD and like everything to have one neat spot so I can find everything easily. I like to display some fun work posters, my Alma Mater and some favorite pictures.

All in all, I wanted my little area of the office to be somewhere I look forward to going, as much as possible, and display things that make me smile.

How do you decorate your office? Do you work in a cube farm?

#RHOBH Reunion, Part 1

It’s my favorite episodes of the season: the reunion. Some reunions are better than others, but I’m sure this #RHOBH reunion series will not disappoint. “In this epic 3 part reunion…” – thanks, Andy Cohen.


I must say that I was very much looking forward to this reunion. This season was intense, out of control and humorous all at the same time. My favorite part of this whole season is probably the trip to Amsterdam. Trips are usually my favorite parts: hi Scary Island, trip to Hawaii and Paris.

This reunion started off a little slowly but definitely revved up towards the end.

We start with Eileen and her great relationship with hey hubby. These two seem to have a fun relationship, while keeping it real. They gamble together, Vinny was visibly upset during the poker game (did you see his head through the window?!) and they seem like great parents. Eileen is a good addition to the show, but I must say, semi-boring. She doesn’t have enough drama in her life OR get into too much drama with the ladies. The worst thing she did all season was try to bring the Richard sisters closer. What a saint.

Then we meet up with Yo who has to be short due to her Lyme Disease. I feel very badly for her. She can’t seem to get any better.

Then it’s on to Lisa Rinna. Andy spent way too much time on her Depends commercial. And Kim Richards?! WTF. She has more pride than Lisa?! WTF. She did Diving With the Stars and hasn’t been on TV in years. Just be quiet. I’d do a Depends commercial for millions of dollars, too. Get it girl. I was really surprised to hear all the accusations about Lisa Rinna having an eating disorder. Albeit, she was never seen eating on the show, but she did make mention to never turning down a piece of cake. A girl after my own heart.


The ladies go down a weird path with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi. Lisa is trying to make it very clear that Brandi crossed a line, which she did, and is not the best drunk, which she isn’t. I think Lisa is very much on the defensive based on what happened to her at the last reunion. She doesn’t want to be the target this year.

Most Shocking Moment: Kyle and Kim haven’t spoken in months. And Kim says she’s happy where is she and isn’t necessarily looking for a relationship with Kyle. Poor Kyle. She looked like someone just hit her in the gut.


Most Shocking Moment 2: Brandi freaking out on Andy when he (very nicely) defending her slap. He said it’s kinda like when you’re playing with your dog and your dog bites you. Which, actually happened to Andy and he wrote about it in his book.

Most Shocking Moment 3: When Brandi calls Kyle a C U Next Tuesday. I mean, not that shocking coming from Brandi, but shocking that a woman actually uses that word in her daily life.

The preview for the next installment really peaks my interest. Kim and Kyle go at it over Kim’s dog attacking Kyle’s daughter. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

Did you watch #RHOBH reunion? What was your favorite part?

Marathon Training {20 Miles}


Hubby and I officially hit miles with a 2 in front of it. It’s so exciting and is starting to feel like we’re really going to do this. I can’t believe it’s happening.

Never in my life did I think I could physically run 20 miles, let alone be mentally prepared for it.

Here were my thoughts during our latest marathon training run:

20 minutes before: eat a Chomp and do a little stretching.

Mile 1: Oh man! We’re going too fast. But it feels so good.

Mile 2: oooohhh, this one feels even better than the first one. We’re really doing this!

Mile 3: Hill #1. Kickin’ this hill’s ass. Eat my dust.

Mile 4: Wow, mile 4 already? We’re still going really fast, but I can’t stop my “speed.”

Mile 5: Thank God there’s no snow on the ground and we can actually run on the path. Only one more mile to GU.

Mile 6: GU! My favorite part of any run. And it’s chocolate. Tastes like chocolate frosting!

Mile 7: Still going strong. We’re actually going 30 seconds faster per mile then last week.

Mile 8: Only 2 more miles until half way. We’re doing this!

Mile 9: Dang, it’s getting a little sketchy here. A hill? Darn it!

Mile 10: WE DID IT! HALF WAY THERE!! Low five.

Mile 11: Oh, I don’t remember all these down hills on the way out here? Why am I going up hill?

Mile 12: GU TIME! This one is peanut butter and a little frozen.

Mile 13: Half marathon, dang girl. I’m getting a little tired. My legs are tired, not my brain. I need to slow down if I’m going to run 7 more miles.

Mile 14: Slowing down. But right at our expected pace. One more mile for another GU.

Mile 15: GU! This one is watermelon and quite disgusting.

Mile 16: Can’t believe I feel so good. We’re really going to do this.

Mile 17: Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Mile 18: Really slowing down. Crap! Why aren’t I running faster? Just don’t get angry. Keep moving. You’re doing great. Eat some energy jelly beans.

Mile 19: ONE MORE MILE! Don’t even look at your watch. Just don’t stop. Don’t stop.

Mile 20: IT’S OVER!! WE DID IT!!

I’ve never felt accomplished in my life. It was an indescribable feeling. I’m so proud of us for doing it and doing it together. I never “hit a wall” mentally, but I did physically. We got over a minute longer per mile at around mile 17. But I was just so happy that I didn’t want to punch Hubby in the face. #hugeaccomplishment

Next week is 22 miles and then it’s time to taper. I can’t believe we’re less than a month away. WE’RE REALLY DOING THIS!!

Friday Favs {March 27th}

Hi All! Happy Friday to you. How is it possible that this is the last Friday of March? Where did this month go?!

Since it is Friday, I thought I’d jump into my Friday Favs, per usual.

Planning Easter Brunch

Hubby and I are staying in Michigan for Easter and I’m really excited to spend some quality time my with my Hubby. We’ve both been crazy busy at work, this small thing of training for a marathon and traveling to visit my family. It’s been a crazy March. I want to go all out because this is the first Easter holiday we have to ourselves. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for the last few days and can’t wait for a mimosa!


This Tom Hanks Video.

This video is everything. If you love Tom Hanks…or think your opinion of him needs a little tweaking <— see what I did there? You’ve Got Mail reference, you need to watch this video.

These Sperry’s

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.49.28 AM


I love Sperry’s! They are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. And I love this mint green color and I love the laces. I can’t wait to purchase these and go on a boat. #daydreaming

That’s pretty much it for this week. I’ve been working too much to really have any favorites. Unless, laughing hysterically during a meeting because you’re so burned out counts,

What are your favs this week?

Top Email Pet Peeves

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 6.59.44 PM

Email is part of daily life, whether it’s in the workplace or your personal life. I get hundreds of emails a day. And I get hundreds of emails a week with some kind of grammar mistake or etiquette faus paux. And I hate it! These are major pet peeves of mine.

Here’s my list:

-Your welcome. I mean, seriously!?!


-Not hitting reply all. There are certain people who are genetically wired to never hit reply all. If you are copied on an email, it’s for a reason. When you reply, you should reply all.

-Only subject lines. This may be my biggest one! I get emails from this one executive and it’s only a subject line. And it’s usually not a complete thought or a question. There’s nothing in the body of the paragraph. I don’t even know what this person wants. My usual reply is just a ?

-Meeting requests with no agenda. Extra points if the meeting is over an hour. You should usually give people a heads up on what you are going to discuss in a meeting.

-Using text “language.” Your text abbreviations have no place in a formal work email. It’s one thing to send a quick text to your boss and say, “thank u,” but using tmrw or u said u would do this….not good. I want nothing to do with this.

-Ending a sentence in a preposition. This is my biggest life pet peeve. The worst offender: “Where’s it at?” This literally makes me cringe everywhere. You don’t need the “at.” Just say, “Where is it?” Is that so hard?

-I don’t have time to do this. I understand that you can’t necessarily hear someone’s intent via email, but when someone says, “I don’t have time…” it’s usually implying that I do. I’m busy, too, and I don’t exactly have the time to do it either. But this is your job not mine.

-Sending 4 rapid fire emails with thoughts instead of one large email. Since I’m in the creative/marketing field, everyone thinks they are an art director. I get emails all the time that are rapid fire thoughts about a marketing piece. One email will say, “Will you update the price?” And then 4 seconds later another email will come through, “Oh yeah, and the color is wrong.” And then 4 seconds after that another random thought. Take a moment, gather your thoughts and compile them into one clear, concise email.

Okay, so these are mine. What are your email pet peeves?