Patience Is Not A Virtue

Patience is not one of my virtues. I am constantly telling myself:


Nothing has really been going my way today. I put on a cute pair of shoes and then I forgot that the strap needs another hole in it because it’s too lose. My hair did not look good all day. I dropped cherished almonds as I was eating them. My work computer was being a big pain in the butt. I started writing this post and got half way done and then accidentally swung my fingers back on my mouse and I lost everything!

And, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a phone call with some potentially great news that I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks to hear. It’s been torture. I have no motivation at work and I just want to be on the couch, watching Mrs. Heather Dubrow and drinking some Collette sparkling wine AND THAT IS IT!

The clock is ticking by SOOOO SLOWLY. My plan tonight to stop thinking about it is to do a quick at-home work out and making a yummy dinner. Hopefully the day gets better.

Any advice? What do you do when you’re waiting to hear about something important?


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