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I love hosting people and going over to friends’ houses to celebrate life. When I first graduated college, a bottle of wine was a standard gift to bring to any friend who had us over before going to the many Chicago area bars. And we usually ended up finishing it as we got ready.

Now that we’re a little older, we’re starting to go towards the dinner party route. It feels so grown up to have a real meal at someone’s house when it’s not a holiday. Whether it’s having a Friendsgiving or something super informal and all we need is some chips and dip, it’s always nice to bring something to thank the hosts for having us over.

With the holidays here, dinners and parties will be at least weekly and you’ll need to bring something to the hosts every time. I thought I’d put together a list of hostess gifts for this holiday season that will leave a lasting impression and say thank you for having me over during the busiest time of the year!

hostess gifts

Breakfast. I recently started bringing over something for breakfast for the hosts of dinner parties. The last thing you want to think about the day after a big dinner is what to make for breakfast. I’ve made chocolate chip muffins, a lemon loaf and coffee cake. If you aren’t a baker, some bagels with fancy cream cheese will work perfectly. It’s the thought that counts and nothing is more thoughtful than food!

Candles. This is the perfect gift for your husband’s boss or co-worker you don’t know that well. They are safe but everyone loves them. They don’t have to be expensive, just yummy smelling. I usually go with vanilla or a holiday scent.

A spa basket. Nothing outrageous, but a little basket filled with a simple face mask and a nail polish will say thank you to your girlfriend for putting in a nice effort to host you. It’s always a safe bet that one can’t have enough nail polish.

Magazines. Along the same lines as breakfast, I love to bring over magazines so the host has something to look forward to the next day. If you know the person’s tastes, you can pick up a few copies based on their hobbies.

Coffee or tea. Fancy coffee or tea is is such a treat and probably a nice break from the standard morning beverage. Something holiday flavored will keep the holiday spirit going for weeks to come.

Alcohol. Wine is definitely a standard, but maybe a unique bottle of something with a nice bow is great.

An ornament. If you are close friends with someone, a nice ornament is a great way to say thanks and will serve as a reminder of a great celebration.

What do you bring as a hostess gift? What is the favorite hostess gift you ever received? 

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