Photo Dump

Ok, after spending more time than I’m willing to admit on trying to find out how to upload pictures from my camera to my computer yesterday, I can now say that I figured it out. And, it was so simple. Like so simple I am embarrassed by how much time I spent yesterday working on things.

Let’s back up a second. For Christmas, my parents gave me this awesome new camera!



love it. It’s got more oomph than a standard digital camera but without the price tag of a DSLR. My one semi-complaint is that it is bigger than a point and shoot, but I’m really looking forward to taking it with us on trips and get some fantastic pictures from our travels.

Yesterday was the first day I used the camera and I want to share the pics! Can you tell a difference?



Here’s the little bean at the train station. She is definitely getting used to it and I really love being able to take her with me places. I love that she doesn’t have to be by herself all day.



A shot of my lunch yesterday. If having prosecco at lunch is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! And this sandwich, yum!! It was a tomato, mozzarella and pesto sandwich. Absolutely delicious.



After lunch, I came home and did some Rosetta Stone. I definitely like studying this way in conjunction with private lessons. I hope I’m learning things…




My assistant was slacking on the job. But she’s so cute!

So that was our day yesterday as told by my new camera. I do think these pictures are brighter and I didn’t do anything to these pictures. No retouching or brightening. I hope to get a little better at “photoshopping” minus the expensive software.

How was your day yesterday?


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