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Happy Wednesday! It’s hump day and a gorgeous day here in Germany. Copley and I already went on an hour walk and now I’m writing with some housewives in the background.

We’ve been back from the States for over a week now and I’m finally feeling back to normal. Over the past week, I’ve taken a ton of pictures on my iPhone that haven’t made it to the blog. I thought I’d finally share.


We have fields behind our apartment that are constantly growing lettuce and asparagus. When we left, there wasn’t any corn. And on a walk last weekend, we saw all these stalks of corn! Look at how tall they are. On a few more walks this past week, the breeze was a little strong and I was a little creeped out because the corn would sway. Too many Texas Chainsaw Massacre memories!


A bird flew into our apartment!! Yes, flew INTO. I heard this banging, looked over and saw this bird hovering over our window sill. I screamed and then it flew into the bathroom. I opened all the windows and after what felt like 25 minutes (I’m sure it was only about 30 seconds) it finally flew out the window. Point United States for screens on windows.


Homemade tiramisu. I followed this recipe and it turned out so good. I realized after I had assembled the layers that I forgot to include the eggs and sugar!! I even had the cocoa on top. Luckily I had enough ladyfingers, so I scrapped the top layer and mixed in everything again. That’s why it’s a little light brown, because there’s cocoa mixed in and not sprinkled on top. It taste just like tiramisu at a restaurant.


Over the weekend we visited Esslingen, another suburb of Stuttgart. We were walking around and found the main square was having a festival. An onion festival! That’s right, a festival all about onions. We walked around and didn’t notice a huge onion smell or onion dishes, but apparently, German cities will celebrate anything!


A gorgeous view from the top of a bier garten. Last night, we met up with some colleagues for dinner and drinks outside of Abstatt, Germany and this was the view. It was great to hang out with some people, enjoy some beer and stare out at the countryside.

What was the last picture you took?

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