Preparing for House Guests

I love house guests and visitors. And now that we live an ocean away from family and friends, having people come visit us is more important than ever.

Today my best friend in the entire world is coming to visit us for about 6 days before going on a family European vacation and I am so excited to have her! I spent the majority of yesterday prepping for her arrival and I thought it would make a fun post to see what I did. I’d love to hear how you all prepare for house guests in the comments!

house guests

Deep clean

There is no greater time than when you’re having a house guest to take the time to deep clean. With my new cleaning routine, my deep cleaning doesn’t take as long as it used to, thankfully. I clean the bathrooms and the kitchen super well since they are the most frequented areas of the house. I certainly don’t want to have a dirty apartment when guests come, so deep cleaning the day before is necessary.

Create a welcome basket

gift basket

My mom got me into making welcome baskets because she would make one for me whenever I visited after I graduated college. It would just be a little something like a Starbucks gift card and candy, but it made me so loved. No matter who is visiting, I like to put together a cute basket with things that I know they will make them feel at home. This time, I included a face mask, gum, a Bellini, magazines and a cute note with our wifi password and some must-know German phrases. It’s important to make house guests feel comfortable and a quick welcome basket is the best way to start the process.

Have fresh flowers 

I love fresh flowers all the time, but having them when guests come makes them extra special. Yesterday I ran out and got some amazing hydrangeas at our local florist (see above photo) and they just make our home feel so warm, comfortable and cozy. It adds a nice touch.

Stock the fridge and pantry

Whenever I have someone stay over, I make sure to stock the fridge with some of their favorites. This week, I stocked the fridge with apples, sparkling water, more Bellinis and wine. I also put some tortilla chips, Doritos, some chocolate goodies and peanut butter in the pantry for quick snacks. I want everyone who stays with us to feel at home and like they don’t need to ask permission to grab something to eat or drink, so having many options is extremely important.

Have fresh towels and sheets readily available

This goes without saying, but having the towels out in the bathroom and the sheets already on the bed is huge for making someone feel welcome. You don’t want someone digging through your cabinets looking for a towel or wash cloth. We currently don’t have a guest room, so I just make sure that the blankets and pillows are ready and make the couch as comfortable as possible. The chaise lounge is great for sleeping, so that’s possible!

Be relaxed

I can get pretty stressed when it comes to having people over, even just for a dinner party. I just have to remind myself that we are going to have fun and that my friends and family don’t really care what the house looks like, even though I do. All the preparations will be worth it.

How do you prepare for house guests? 

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