Productive Mornings

Happy Tuesday morning! I’ve had quite the productive day so far and it’s only 7:11 AM. Love that.

Work Out

I hit up Orangetheory this morning for a super hard power work out. It was a 3G one which means there are 36 people instead of 28 in the class and there are 3 groups. We moved quickly through each of our blocks and had little time to rest.

Blocks are Orangetheory’s way to say rotation. You do a block of cardio on the treadmill, then a block on the rower and then a block on weights. It’s super hard!

Here’s my breakdown…

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 7.10.23 AM

I love that they send you a performance summary email almost immediately after the class. It’s a great way to keep track of my progress. Ooh, that would make a good post! 4 months into Orangetheory then and now. Good idea!

I only did 7 minutes in the orange zone today, but I still cranked out over 500 calories burned. I’ll take it.


Can you believe this is my first time making oatmeal? I know, right? Crazy.


I’ve always been afraid of oatmeal. I think I ate it once as a kid and couldn’t stand the consistency, so I stayed away from it. Well, I decided to give it a try this morning because I need some protein from my work out and I do love overnight oats.

I mixed 1 cup of 2% milk and 1/2 cup of rolled, old fashioned oats and microwaved for about 2 minutes. It started to overflow around the 2 minute mark!! I guess I can add cleaning the microwave to my productive morning!

I then added A LOT of cinnamon because it’s delicious! And you know what, I actually like it. Now we’ll have to see if it holds me over throughout the morning.

I have quite a day at work with several meetings and then I gotta get home to clean our apartment and pack!! Vacation can’t come soon enough.

Do you like morning work outs? What makes a productive morning for you?

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