Prospect of Being a SAHW

I have been very lucky that my job in the U.S. is allowing me to work through the end of February from the German office. The goal was to be able to find a full-time job, or even part-time, by the beginning of March.

Everyone here has been extremely helpful in my job search. Unfortunately, there are barriers for me: not knowing the language is the biggest one, marketing departments have very limited budgets and the beginning of the year isn’t the best time to hire a new person. So, starting March 1, I will not have a job.



Now that the prospect reality of being a stay at home wife (SAHW) is going to start next week, I’ve started to think about how I’m going to fill my days. We still don’t have an apartment, but once we get one I know I’ll be spending my time unpacking, organizing, buying odds and ends that we need (like a couch!) and making our place feel like home.

I will throw myself into learning the language. Since we will be here for 3 years, now is the time to immerse myself in the culture and the language. Hubby and I are lucky enough to get one-on-one lessons through his company and I plan on using that to my full advantage while I’m not working.

I will work out a lot. It has been torture not being able to go to the gym for the past 2 weeks. I feel sluggish, grumpy and gross. Throw in eating out every meal and you have a fattie over here. I can’t wait to work out again! The plus side not working is I can go the gym in the middle of the day or whenever I want. This is especially good because the gyms here don’t open until 8 or 9 AM, so there will no longer be 5 AM workouts. That will be an adjustment.

I will write. I have so many ideas for this blog and for books. I’ve always wanted to be a published author and I have too many ideas for too many different books. I want to focus on getting an outline together and finding my story. I also want to bring this blog up a notch. I want to update the design and create a style guide so that all the pictures look the same. Basically, make this more professional looking.

I will take Copley for nice long walks. The poor bean has been stuck in the hotel room for too long. She needs some TLC.

I will cook…once we have a kitchen. I miss cooking so much. I want to a Top Chef contender type cook. Well, maybe not that intense, but I want Hubby to come home to some pretty nice dinners.

I will plan trips. I can totally see myself drowning in a black hole of hotel sites, restaurant suggestions and plane ticket alerts. I hope that by planning in advance, we can do things on the cheap and still see a lot of Europe. I don’t want to look back on our 3 years and wish we traveled more.

All of that sounds pretty darn good to me, actually. I do some fears, too.

I fear that I will lose myself because everything will be about Hubby and his job and his time off and his paycheck. I know his character and I know he is 100% supportive of every decision I make and we make decisions as a team, but you never know. We already feel like it’s our money and not his and hers money, so that’s good. But, it is a legit worry.

I fear we will be broke. Obviously.

I fear I will be bored, unmotivated and go crazy. I love routine and I’ve worked since I was 16, so this is going to be an adjustment.

Well, okay, so the pros definitely seem to outweigh the cons. Although, those are pretty big cons. The good news (?) I guess is that we don’t know the future. I could get my dream job. I could love being at home and it works for our family. For now, I’m just going to take it one day at a time. And like a dear friend told me, breaks things into smaller chunks so it’s not as overwhelming. I hope I can be a housewife that is a cross between Brie Hodge, Edie Brit and any of the housewives franchise members.




  1. Rachel | 24th Feb 16

    Your fears are understandable, but I think it’s great that you’ve come up with a plan of attack. When I moved to a new city to start a new job (same country and state, so not quite the same as your changes), I was also worried about saving money. If you really do your research, finding out ways to save money (couponing, cooking on a budget and using your freezer to save meals, challenging yourself with spending freezes, thrifting) can actually be a fun “game” and another way to challenge yourself productively during your spare time. Good luck 🙂

    • Jessica Howard | 25th Feb 16

      Thanks for reading, Rachel! Great advice. I love thinking of saving money as a game!!

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