Real Housewives of OC Episode Recap: Name Calling

I haven’t done a housewives show recap for far too long. And I am just loving this season of Orange County, so I figured it was time to get back into the recaps, 7 episodes too late.

Let’s jump right in, shall we.

To quickly sum up the episode in one word: insanity. Names were thrown, lawyers are being called, weird Eastern medicine pressure points are happening, and to steal a line from Yolanda:

Some fun parts:

Vicki getting stuck in the elevator.

And now, the insane parts: The Dinner

The most amazing things happen during a housewives dinner. Truly amazing. I live for this.

Everyone arrives at the sushi restaurant to celebrate Meghan going through IVF the next day. I laughed when all the women took off their shoes that cost more than my books during all of college. It reminded of the SATC episode where Carrie has to take her shoes off at someone’s house for a kid’s birthday party and someone steals them. And when she calls the host for reimbursement for the $600 Manolos, the host tells her that’s a crazy amount to spend on shoes! Ah, SATC. You’ve been off the air too long.

Everything’s going fine and then Meghan stirs the pot by bringing up Kelly’s lunch with Shannon. At the dinner table. It’s not like the table is that big. Everyone can hear their conversation.

Kelly’s responses are insane. Like Kelly Bensimon Scary Island insane. (OK, satchels of gold). Kelly, WTF. I’m a mother, I’ve worked my whole life, I’m college educated. I’ve been a multi-millionaire for yeeeearrrsssss.  Who says that? Who? Who? Who? Who?

And there there’s: The bleep. I assume that was the c u next Tuesday word. The most disgusting word in the entire English language. The room is stunned. There’s no defending that word. And, Meghan standing up for Shannon, you go girl!

Kelly is drunk, drunkity, drunk, drunk. And, someone went to the tanning bed a little too long today. She brings up how certain comments about her being a prostitute are defamation of character and she’s going to sue. Here’s a hint for you college educated, Kelly, you have to prove defamation in the community that somehow hurt your life, your ability to work, etc. You can’t just sue for defamation of character because you don’t like what someone says. I think that’s an amendment somewhere? Hmm….guess they don’t teach in private Catholic schools.

Heather’s testimonial after the dinner. Dang, that girl was mad. Her eyes were daggers. Heather again with telling someone to leave. Do I think, Heather was right? Yes. Do I think her words sometimes are a little too harsh and motherly to her non-children? Yes. But that doesn’t mean she’s wrong. I stand by Heather for leaving. She is classy. And my spirit animal.

Heather’s tears. They seemed a little forced. But, when I cry and try to talk, I sound like a yipping puppy. I can totally understand wanting needing to cry after a situation like that. I can’t wait to listen to her podcast and hear what she has to say about it!

The previews. I can’t lie. I shed a tear at this preview. David going out of his way to show Shannon how much he loves her is so nice. I hope the night goes off without a hitch. But, this is housewives, we know there will be some drama. We already know this because the season preview shows Shannon screaming wearing that pink dress.

What’d you think of the episode? 

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