Recipes I Can’t Wait to Cook

Wow, it’s Thursday. Where did this week go?! I am so looking forward to the weekend because WE ARE MOVING INTO OUR APARTMENT!! It’s amazing how living in a hotel can make you realize how much you love sitting on a couch or making your own coffee in the morning.

Today our couch, dining room table and living room chair were delivered and it’s finally coming together. We ordered everything from IKEA and our place is just full of boxes. It is not pretty.

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the kitchen! I love to cook and not being able to cook for almost 3 months has only intensified my love for cooking meals for my husband and me.

I’m now starting to think about what recipes I want to make first! So, here’s what I’m thinking:

Chicken and Broccoli



This was a USA staple that I would make probably once a week. It’s fast for a weeknight but you can bring it up a notch if you have the time or energy. I’m thinking of making some chicken with roasted red pepper, olive oil and roasted broccoli. Perhaps a side of rice and some wine. My mouth is literally salivating from looking at this picture.

Skinnytaste’s Garlic Shrimp



I love Skinnytaste and all of her recipes. They are easy to cook, healthy and full of flavor. I found this recipe for easy roasted lemon-garlic shrimp and it sounds insanely delicious. I’m not sure yet what I’ll use as a side dish, but I’m thinking asparagus and pasta.


No picture needed. The Mexican food here in Germany is not the best or authentic. This is probably Hubby’s biggest request, too, because he loves Mexican food. So, the first Tuesday in our apartment is going to be Taco Tuesday! And probably homemade guacamole. Yum.


I’m really excited to make some salads and to be able to eat lunch on my own. I want to start eating healthier and exercise more frequently/start to get into a routine. Another lame suggestion, but it’s true.

I also want to start experimenting in the kitchen and can’t wait to share some tasty recipes here soon.

What are some of your favorite recipes?


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    […] I made our first dinner, inspired from my list. Chicken and broccoli. I was heavy handed on the olive oil and the heat on the stove will take some […]

  2. Lucy | 12th Apr 16

    I recently found Ali’s ‘gimme some oven’ blog which has dozens of tasty ass recipes – I can recommend the Tacos al Pastor and Drunken Noodles in particular! x

    • Jessica Howard | 13th Apr 16

      Oh! I’ve seen ‘Gimme Some Oven’ but never made anything. Thanks for the reminder!

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