RHOBH Hamptons Recap

Confession: I am LUHVING this season of RHOBH. At first I was nervous that it would be Orange County 2.0 centered around fake illness, but it has taken a turn. I feel like this season is kicking it old school where the ladies are having fun with each other, the homes and clothes are lavishly fabulous and there’s enough drama to keep my interest.

There’s one person who sticks out to me that is keeping it real AF:



She is seemingly a Barbie (to quote Bethenny) or a gold digger (to quote Kanye), but she is actually a riddle wrapped in cash. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, adores her husband and is a good mother. Even though we don’t see her son, the fact that he is a police officer says she did something right.

The past 2 episodes have taken place in the Hamptons. Side Note: I want to visit the Hamptons! A girl can dream! Last night’s episode picks up with Bethenny’s book signing at Kyle’s pop-up store. I’m sorry, who is actually buying stuff from this store?! The only thing I have sen that I would maybe buy is that white leather jacket that Lisa Rinna chose.



But apparently people are and Shorty thinks she can expand to the East Coast. Props for trying.

Bethenny somewhat apologies to Erika for her not so nice remarks about her alter ego, Erika Jane’s music video. Bethenny always has an opinion and doesn’t always express it in the nicest way possible. Erika handles it like a CHAMP. “I’m a big girl.” The best response for Bethenny!! P.S. Erika’s dress with handguns on it?! Bitch don’t play.

There’s a dinner party where Eileen and LVP bring up their riff and somewhat reach a resolution…even though LVP doesn’t exactly apologize. And then Eileen drops a bomb that she was in physically abusive relationships. Yes, relationships plural. I think it was really brave for Eileen to share her story and it was much more mature than Taylor Armstrong. Everyone believed Eileen and her message was strong: you can survive physical abuse. Go Eileen!!

Back in LA, the ladies attend a LVP charity event and we meet new housewife Kathryn. Who is apparently related to the O.J. trial. Did she spread eagle in Playboy after the trial? Oh no, that was the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. Do they know each other? No. Is that weird? Yes. For reference, the O.J. trial happened when I was about 3 or 4 years old so I have no frame of mind for this situation. But the fact that Faye wrote a book about her friend’s murder is creepy. Weird, creepy, weird.

I hope this isn’t a new plot line.

But I’m excited to learn more about Kathryn and hope Erika keeps bringing her Erika Jane!

Did you like this episode? How do you feel about Erika v. Bethenny?

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