#RHOBH Reunion 3, Kyle v. Kim

Wow. Just wow. These are the only words I can say after watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part three.  We could call this episode Kyle v. Kim or we could call it Insinuations are Hurtful or we could call it F*ck this Shit, I’m Done.

Which do you prefer?

The episode is hostile. I get the feeling that this is what the entire reunion felt like if you were sitting on these couches. Poor Andy.

Lisa Rinna cries after sending a pretty nasty text message to Kim. I think Lisa was really hurt, drank a glass of wine, sent the message out of anger and then completely regretted it. Fair enough. We’ve all been there.

But the way Kim was attacking her and cutting her off and telling Lisa not to talk about her, Lisa must have been thinking:


Lisa Rinna gets the award for cursing the most. Congratulations. Brandi seems annoyed the entire time.

Brandi calls out Kyle for being a hypocrite <— housewife favorite word about not smoking pot in Amsterdam. Kyle says Mauricio told her not to do anything. I’m not a parent, but I can understand not wanting to smoke pot/eat pot/be around pot on TV if you have kids at home and wanting to show a good example.

I feel badly for Brandi’s kids because they will see these eventually. They will see/hear their mother talk about how much sex she’s had with 23 year olds. #gross

Andy Cohen admits he likes pot. Good for Andy. Maybe he’ll move to Colorado. He actually admits to a lot of this in his book.

And now for the good stuff. Kyle v. Kim


These poor “sisters.” I say “sisters” because no one who truly loves someone behaves the way these two behaved. It is revealed that the reason why these two haven’t spoken is because Kingsley, Kim’s dog, bit Kyle’s daughter, Alexia.

Kyle, “My daughter almost lost her hand!”

Kim, “Your daughter had a bite in her f*cking finger.” <— How can you condone/seem to completely forget that you own said dog. Wouldn’t the first thing out of your mouth be, “I’m sorry. My dog bit Alexia. I’m sending the dog to a camp for vicious pitbulls and he will never return.” ?

Kyle, “She was at Cedars-Sinai for 5 days. With an IV.”

I gotta say, I’m Team Kyle here. You can’t defend a dog biting your child. YOUR CHILD! It’s Kim’s niece. How can Kim have complete disregard?

Kim is most upset with Kyle for posting pictures on Instagram. And that even when Whitney asked for the pictures to be pulled down, Kyle still wouldn’t do it. She claims Kyle did this so she could get more Instagram followers. And that there were so many people in the hospital that Alexia couldn’t even sleep.

THEN, Kim insinuates that that’s not the real story. “You want me to go there? You want to threaten me? I’ll tell what really happened and you won’t like it!”

Wow. I can’t believe Kim would throw her NIECE under the bus. Kyle looks so hurt, so betrayed that her sister would go after her kids. You don’t mess with anyone’s children.

I’m so done with Kim. She thinks Kyle is awful but she’s the one who is awful. I can’t even believe it. And all of this for a dog. I love my dog like she’s my child, but if she ever bit my niece and caused her to go to the hospital, I’d have to send her somewhere without kids. There’s nothing more important than my family being safe.

It was just bad. It was sad. It was nice to see Lisa Vanderpump stand up for Kyle and for Lisa Rinna to say that Kim needs to own that dog bite. Other than that, I’m happy this is over. I hope Kim doesn’t come back. It’s not good for her health/sobriety. Oh, wait, we can’t talk about that.

Did you watch? Team Kyle or Team Kim?

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