#RHOBH Reunion Part 2

Well, these Beverly Hills ladies certainly know how to throw a F-bomb don’t they?! And they throw the middle finger out to each other. I have been known to throw out a F-bomb every now and then (or every day), but usually it’s in regards to something about work and is preceded by WHAT THE? My mother always said if you curse, it’s because you aren’t intelligent enough to think of anything else to say. I guess these women, except LVP, aren’t that intelligent.

This episode was absolutely crazy. So many accusations. So many misunderstandings. So many, “Oh, reallys.”

I think for this episode, I want to do some bullet points for the best parts of the night:

  • Lisa Rinna’s double standard dance. And she is right on the money. Her dance was a little bizarre, but also the best part of the entire episode.


  • Eileen telling Brandi she was hanging up on her. #awesome I think Eileen handled the situation with Brandi with such class and elegance. Brandi is still acting like a woman scorned and assuming she knows everything about Eileen and Vinny’s situation. But then in the next breath, Brandi says Eileen doesn’t know anything about her relationship with LeAnn Rhimes so she should slow her roll. Double standard much?


  • Andy’s response when Kyle said to Brandi, “Didn’t you say you were going to knock my teeth in?” And Brandi said, “Have I done it yet?!” Andy said under his breath, “Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” <— that was sheer perfection. Poor Andy. He’s such a nice Jewish boy. And yet here he is being the ring leader with these Beverly Hills lions.


  • What happened at Kim’s daughter’s wedding?! Kyle throws out that she was dis-invited to Brooke’s wedding by Kim. Wasn’t it filmed for the show? Am I missing something? Is it a different daughter? A different wedding? It was such a strange comment to throw out there and then say nothing else. Anyone know the answer?
  • Lisa Rinna’s has had the same hairstyle for 20 years. Here’s a picture below from 2000. It’s a little different, but pretty much the same. At least she owns it.


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