RHOBH Season So Far



Season 6 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has officially started. And we’re already on episode 6! I haven’t written too much about this season, so I figured we’re deep enough into it where I have some opinions (something that’s never lacking with me) and want to share.

Let’s start with the newbie, Erica Jane Girard. This woman is fabulous. I love that she refers to herself in third person and has this sexy side that is amazing to watch. It’s not my cup of tea and I doubt I would pay for a concert ticket, but I appreciate her sexiness and talent. I love that she freely admits that her husband is older but it is obvious that she loves him.

The last episode¬†Erica really grew on me. When she was talking about her private plane and how it’s awesome not to go through security, but you still have to buy the plane (!!!) she took top 3 RHOBH slots. She’s still behind the Lisa’s. And when Erica calls LVP and says, “OK, Diva.” Died. Like Rachel Zoe died.

Yolanda gets her breast implants removed because they ruptured and silicone is floating around her body. I did not need to see the surgery or her bloody implant. Too much for me. And, why is her “health advocate” in the operating room but not her husband? Was Yolanda throwing some shade at David?

Lisa Rinna on QVC is amazing. Eileen and Vinny arguing over a $500 dress is funny and shows that they are a real couple. Kyle needs a stylist ASAP. What ever the f*ck she was wearing when they arrived in the Hamptons should be burned.

I don’t care about Kim. Like seriously, leave her out of the season. She is cray.

I’m really looking forward to next week when Bethenny comes one and proves that she knows it all.

Have you been watching this season? Who’s your favorite?

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