RHOC Season Finale = Boring

We have officially been through a decade of the Real Housewives. 10 years! To put that into perspective, 10 years ago I was a senior in high school.

This happened in 2005….


…this dance move happened….


…and we all cried tears of utter sadness and shock when we found out this happened


And now that we all feel officially old, let’s jump to the present and talk about this past season of RHOC.

I have one word for this finale: BORING!

Literally, nothing happened. The story lines are exactly the same as they have been all season long. Does Brooks have cancer or not? David really did have an affair. Heather is building a huge mansion the size of Rhode Island. Tamra is a “Jesus Freak.” Meghan is snooping on everyone. Yeah, I think that covers it.

The finale was all about Tamra’s baptism, which I must give her credit. Anytime someone wants to make a large declaration like that deserves some kind of praise. But the holiness of the event stopped when Tamra got out of the pool…in her weird white nightie.

Everyone starts gossiping about Brooks allegedly calling Terry in the middle of the night to get some kind of a drip. This is the most outlandish thing I’ve ever heard. Why would Terry or any of his colleagues go to Brooks’ house and give him some kind of drip? Any doctor worth half their salt would tell someone to go to the hospital, right? I think Brooks just likes to lie and to have attention, even if it’s bad attention.

The finale ends with Vicki crying, something new. And she and Brooks are currently not together. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I am looking forward to the reunion only because I always do and I hope they shed some light on a lot of these situations. I hope Meghan brings lots of evidence and I hope Briana comes and tells her mom off! My jaw hit the floor when Vicki said that Briana was a shit stirrer. Who says that about their daughter? She cray.

Did you watch the episode? Do you think everyone is lying?

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