#RHONY becomes #RHONJ

How many tastes of dysfunction can you taste? <— throwback to a classic Bethenny line. If you didn’t get you. We can’t be friends.



I just don’t even know where to start with this episode.


This was me the entire time…and not the one who looks upset…the one who looks confused while pouring alcohol into a glass. What is happening with Sonja Morgan? She is living in the past when she hung out with Madonna (seriously? She won’t even come on WWHL) and JFK, Jr. I wonder how Carole feels about that reference?

The ladies all meet up at Lady Morgan’s to take the 3 hour drive to Atlantic City for Ramona’s first birthday single since her Cosmo article was printed. And by meet up I mean stand outside in the cold. The Lady of the house wasn’t ready for the others when they arrived, so she had one of her interns open the door to tell them they couldn’t come in. WOW.

It was raining and construction was happening across the street. Bethenny was late. Heather got PISSED. I don’t blame Heather for being all, “Let me in motherf-cker, holla!” but she blew it a little out of proportion. We all got it and the “argument” just keeps going and going. For 3 hours. I couldn’t believe it. The dinner on Scary Island didn’t last as long.

In the car, Bethenny tells Sonja to say she’s sorry and that she should stop bringing up the past. Will Sonja listen?

When they arrive, the booze keeps flowing. The ladies start to get ready for the night and Heather’s late. Whomp whomp. Bethenny uses this opportunity to slay Heather for brining up the fact that she was late earlier. It wasn’t good.


And the rest of the night gets worse.


Look at that hot mess. While at dinner, Sonja starts to ramble like her usual self about how she’s people promoter. She just can’t stop the word vomit. Everything that happened in the car, happened at the dinner table. It was so upsetting and I don’t even want to write about it.

Sonja does her usual dance moves and flashes her vajayjay to everyone! Does this girl seriously not won any underwear? Her husband must have gotten them in the divorce.

The next morning, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Sonja apologizes to Bethenny and Bethenny tries to tell her she is spiraling out of control. These two were meant for each other…except Sonja is living 9 years in the past.

I know Bethenny came from a place of yes and wanting to really help Sonja. Sonja just doesn’t want to hear it. She takes fake it til you make it to a whole other level.

I feel badly for Sonja. I hope she gets the help she needs or the rest she needs. (Another Scary Island reference).

Have you ever witnessed someone in a downward spiral? What do you think of Sonja this season?

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