#RHONY Delusional Reigns

Welcome, Welcome Everyone to land of delusion! Kristin said it best in last year’s reunion, but she’s officially started drinking Kool-Aid.

I feel like I’m swimming in the seas of Scary Island and there’s no life boat anywhere. WTF was happening on this episode?

Ramona is brining Mario food. Sonja thinks one dress and one ad makes a collection. Kristin believes Sonja. Bethenny cries in the less expensive version of Crate and Barrel. Carole is on the board. Dorinda loves John. No one else loves John. I mean WTF is happening?!

I don’t even want to recap this episode. I want to give my opinion on the three most pressing things on my mind.

1. Ramona + Mario


Girl, if you love Mario, be with Mario. But, as my mother always said, once a cheater, always a cheater. I understand wanting to keep your family together and going through forgiveness, but life is short. You gotta do what makes you happy. I definitely think Mario isn’t a changed man. Remember in season 2 when he checked out that girl while he and his loving wife were dining outside? Or that time that Simon (oh God, remember them?!) called out The Singer’s on how opposite they are to their cross business? A leopard doesn’t change its spots. My (unwarranted) advice to Ramona, STAY AWAY! You look amazing, you’re smart, driven, successful and fun. You will find someone 1,000 times better then your cheating ex.

2. Bethenny’s Childhood


Cry me a river. We’ve been here already. I know I can’t completely relate to her situation because I had a wonderful childhood, but geeze. She’s beat this horse TO DEATH.  I think she is paying for this doc’s third home. 100%. I think Bethenny should still seek therapy but she should focus on what she’s currently going through. I get it that everything stems from your past, but girlfriend needs to move on and be better for her daughter. She’s on the right path, but hurry up, sister!

3. Sonja’s “companies”


P.S. This is Sonja’s daughter. She’s quite striking, don’t you think. I think Sonja lives in her own distortion field. I believe work is a 4 letter word for her. She wants to work, but she doesn’t really want to put in any effort to work. She just wants to say she has all these business but not execute. You can’t say your business is an international, lifestyle brand. Your business is either jewelry, or toaster ovens, or a Nigerian football team or apparel, not all of them together. She is the most delusional person I have ever watched from my sofa. She is living like she’s Lady Morgan and she’s not! She’s putting a Sharpie on a Chanel bag. I think that’s what Sonja is all about. Faking it until she makes it…if that ever happens!

I have no opinion on John and Dorinda. I have no opinion on Luann, although I can’t wait for her, “Just be cool,” line to come out! I have no opinion on Kristen. Is she still pretty? I have no opinion on Heather. I have no opinion on Carole. I would seriously watch this show if it were only these 3 ladies. If they brought back KKB, I’d be in reality TV heaven!!

Who is your favorite NYC housewife? Do you think Sonja is delusional?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 27th May 15

    No idea who these people are, but love your writing!!! LOL!

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