#RHONY Time Travel

What an episode. On the one hand it was a little boring and then on the other it was really sad!

It’s Ramona’s birthday and girl loves to celebrate! I can’t blame her. It’s so nice to see Ramona dance into the restaurant and look better than ever. I may or may not be searching Tru-ReNewal right now. Lady has some amazing skin. She has her 30 closest friends come to lunch and her girlfriends give her some premium gifts. Oh, hi, Gucci box, I see you.

Sonja. Oh poor Sonja. She has no idea what she’s doing. She is taking too much advice from too many people. And a Swarmi Priestess (?) is probably not the place to be going for advice. And we know for certain it’s not the place to be going because the advice is to write more and go to Christ. I mean, WTF?


Then we hop into the Delirium and go back to 2009 when Bethenny visits her therapist and discusses her many failures. In 2009, her failures were that she hadn’t found a man, her best friend screwed up everything, she had no money and her childhood sucked. In 2015, her failures are she lost a man, she doesn’t have any friends or a home, she has money but it’s all being taken away because of her divorce, her talk show failed and her childhood sucks. Seems like Bethenny hasn’t done any growing (except her bank account) in the past 6 years.

Some of the ladies go to a boxing match. Why?

Lu and Carole have an “argument” about the age difference between Carole and Adam. I am so over this conversation. I’m going to go snack on some gummy bears, KKB style.

Then Bethenny heads to Miami to see her stepfather and her BFF, Teri. I remember Teri from spin-off shows and she really does seem to have Bethenny’s back. Although, her hair has certainly looked better.

And, Luann is in Miami with her daughter, Victoria, for an art exhibition. Victoria has a piece displayed that is a painting of her nude. It’s beautiful and everything but I wouldn’t bring my mom to something where there was a picture of me naked on the wall…that I drew. But that’s me.

Then, Bethenny meets with her stepfather, John. It was a very real moment, to me. The two discussed their past and Bethenny’s issues because of it. I must say Bethenny did have quite the childhood. The most poignant thing John said was, “You have to remember, she never wanted a child,” speaking of Bethenny’s mother. This has to be a horrible thing to hear as the child in the situation.


At the end, Bethenny and John hug and go about their lives until the next time they get together. It probably won’t be until Bryn’s high school graduation.

Next week looks pretty epic, though!

Did you watch? Who’s your favorite housewife this season? 


  1. Sudipti | 20th May 15

    I watch RHONY – total guilty pleasure! I think my favorite this season is Luann. She is so down to earth compared to the other women!!

  2. Jessica Howard | 20th May 15

    Totally agree! Luann is awesome this year. I love her new line: “Just be cool!”

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