Salzburg Day 2

After our great first night in Salzburg, we were ready to hit the ground running on the second day. And this day was especially exciting for me because IT WAS SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR DAY!!!



But before we start with that, we grabbed breakfast at a delicious cafe called Cafe Bazar. Look at these chandeliers.



I didn’t take any pictures of our breakfast but I must note that the croissants and homemade marmalade were INCREDIBLE! You could definitely taste that it was homemade. We tried more marmalades while we were there but this cafe’s was absolutely the best!

And then it was time to hop on the big Sound of Music tour bus! We went on the Panorama Tour and it was the best experience any Sound of Music fan…or not. It’s the original tour, too!

All in all, the tour lasted 4 hours and we visited the major locations of the film and learned some fun facts about the filming and the real Von Trapp family. For example, the exterior of the homes were actually filmed at 2 separate locations. One for the back of the house with the lake and one for the front of the house.

The first stop: the back exterior of the house. You’ll remember this part in the film when Maria and the kids fall out of the boat when they are wearing the curtain clothes. I mean, look at how gorgeous!



Another side note is that the majority of the interior shots were filmed in Hollywood on a sound stage. So, that’s interesting.

sound of music


This is probably my favorite picture from the day. I just think we look so happy and who can’t be happy when you’re looking at something that gorgeous?

The next stop: the gazebo!! The gazebo was given to the city of Salzburg as a gift after filming was completed and when crowds grew like crazy, they moved the gazebo from the grounds of the house above to a park.



If you aren’t a huge fan of the movie, this gazebo played a huge role! They filmed the song Sixteen Going on Seventeen and I Must Have Done Something Good. Here we are reenacting the something good kiss. In the movie, this is where Maria and Captain Von Trapp kiss for the first time.



Ok, so I briefly mentioned yesterday how I used to act out the Sixteen Going on Seventeen song on my parents’ L-shaped couch A LOT. Pretty much any time I watched the movie…which was too option my dad would say…I was kicking from one side to the other just as Liesel did. So, naturally, I had to recreate it. You aren’t allowed inside, so I had to make do.



This is the driveway where Maria sings I Have Confidence. And then we saw the front of the house from the bus…but I didn’t get a good picture. Don’t worry, though, we went back on Monday, so I’ll share a picture on that recap day!

Then, we drove about 30 KM to the lake district of Salzburg. It was really incredible to see these lakes. Again, I didn’t get a great picture of the lakes because of the rain and the clouds, but they definitely made the list of places to visit for a summer getaway.



Our last stop on the tour was the church where they filmed the wedding. In real life, Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married in the city of Salzburg. But, this church was just gorgeous! We had some time to grab some lunch before we had to jump back on the bus to head back to Salzburg and we welcomed some schnitzel!!! We even bought some edelweiss seeds to hopefully grow on our balcony.

Some other interesting tidbits we learned on the tour:

  • The family did not escape the Nazis. They chose to leave via train to Italy to eventually settle in Stowe, Vermont. Fun fact: Hubby and I visited the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe our senior year spring break. Apparently, this was a thing long before this trip. 
  • Christopher Plummer, the actor who played Captain Von Trapp, hated kids and hated filming with them. He even said of the final scene when he has a kid on his back climbing the mountains, “I’m not carrying that chubby kid up this mountain!”
  • Julie Andrews, however, loved the children and filming with them.
  • In real life, Maria and the Captain got married years before the Nazis took over. They did not come back from their honeymoon to a Nazi flag in their driveway.
  • Maria and the Captain had 3 children of their own after they got married.

This tour was a lifelong dream of mine and I am so happy we did it! There was even singing on the bus!!

Our didn’t end after the tour, even though we were exhausted. We ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap, grabbed some wine at an awesome wine bar and at dinner at an amazing restaurant where we ate on top of wine barrels. I stopped taking pictures  because I just wanted to be in the moment with Hubby.

The day concluded with the feeling of content and accomplishment! And the vacation still isn’t over!


  1. Auntie K | 14th Apr 16

    Love the excitement in your writing as if you’re reliving every minute. What a great trip you’ll remember forever!
    Looking forward to the next entry!
    Auntie K

  2. Karen Howard | 18th Apr 16

    Kurt said he is not known to be a singer, but if he had been aboard that bus he WOULD have been singing along! We really enjoy your posts, thank you very much!

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