Salzburg Days 3 & 4

Thank you so much for all your comments about our trip to Salzburg days 1 and 2.

I want to quickly back up though and share some other pictures from our Saturday. I was too focused on the Sound of Music tour and we did do some more fun things. Like, we got the most delicious chocolate cake and cappuccino at Cafe Furst.



We stopped in for a caffeine fix and left on a sugar high!



I love that coffee comes with a side of water…which I down in 1.25 sips.



We also stopped by the Residenz Fountain in Residenzplatz. This is the fountain where Julie Andrews splashes water during I Have Confidence. I had to fight every urge not to splash some water!

Ok, so now we’re all caught up. Onto Sunday. We only had one goal: go to the Fortress.

And, go to the Fortress we did!



We lucked out with some fantastic weather! The sun started to shine and we finally saw the snow capped mountains.

The Salzburg Fortress is the most visited site in Austria. It was built for military reasons and a lot of the museum is focused on the military history.

We walked to the Fortress, which was quite steep. We definitely got our work out in. And, screw you, StairMaster, a real hill is WAY harder!!! But, the views were way worth it.



Oh, hi, Salzburg. Side note: we totally did not plan to match every single day of our trip!

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I don’t love museums. I enjoy hearing the information but the majority of it I never remember. If you asked me right now what I learned about the Fortress…I could tell you…basically nothing. There was an Emperor who lived there and over the course of centuries more and more parts of the Fortress were built. Oh, and it’s from the 700’s!!

So, more pictures of the view.





We walked around the museum and were getting pretty hungry. And the marketers/tourism group knows what they are doing because we found the Panorama Restaurant right on top of the Fortress!



We sat here for almost 2 hours, eating lunch, drinking rose and beer, eating schnitzel and just taking in the view. And this picture does not do it justice!




And, we had a view of the Sound of Music house the whole time! Well, the house that was only used for the back. I sent this picture to my family because they were the only ones who witnessed first hand my obsession.


The final stop on our tour of the Fortress was to the top of the highest point. We saw the progression of the Fortress and the original organ, which was pretty cool. We were so high up the clouds were there!!



And then we grabbed a glass of wine (or 2) and some bruschetta before going back to our hotel to have dinner at their restaurant. We had a 50% off card…because we know someone…and wanted to take advantage. It was pretty good by hotel food standards, but I was so full. Like food coma/food baby/I need a chubby nap full. We immediately went to sleep!

Monday we grabbed breakfast and got in the car to go back to the front of the Sound of Music house before hitting the road back to Germany.

And, the weather WAS PERFECT!

Oh, and we snapped this pic in the morning…it only took 8 tries!



Look at those mountains…and cute guy!



And now for too many pics of the front of the Sound of Music house.



If only that car would move!






I am not going to lie…I will most likely frame this one. Look at that house!!

Our final, final Salzburg stop was the real Von Trapp family house. It is now a B&B.






Similar, right?

I was sad to leave and looking out my window now, I wish I saw some Alps!!  It was a great first vacation as German “residents” and I can’t wait for more. This is why we moved here, so we could travel and broaden our horizons. To many more adventures!

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  1. Albert | 14th Apr 16

    I am without words! Imagine that! I have to see this and am thrilled you are seeing it!

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