Summer To-Dos

I know, I know, it’s almost August.  How can I just be writing my summer to-do list?  

So far, this summer has been fantastic and I want to make sure it continues. Here’s my list of things I’d like to accomplish for the remainder of the summer.

Aruba Honeymoon
Aruba Honeymoon

(FYI, this picture is from our honeymoon balcony.  We went to Aruba! It was amazing!)

2014 Summer To-Dos:
*Please note, some of these we have done already and I’ll write about them separately!
-Get a puppy <—- note, we are picking her up this Saturday!!!!  
-Move <— We just did this weekend…you will hear about it! 
-Have a picnic at Ford Field (the park, not the baseball stadium)-Watch a movie on our balcony 
-Go see Fault in our Stars <— We saw this…I cried my eyes out! 
-Pool lounging 
-Read books <— I’ve already read The Giver and am currently reading Gone Girl!  

What’s on the list to accomplish for the rest of your summer?


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