Surviving a Long Road Trip

Hallo Everyone! It’s been a while since we last saw each other. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday complete with full bellies, bottomless drinks and funny times with family.

Hubby and I went to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving to be with his family. We had a great time…once we got there. We had a 9 hour drive each way and while it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world, we’ve come to like our road trips together. I can’t say love because that would be ridiculous. But, we don’t dread them.

This past trip got me thinking about how we survive our long road trips. I’d love to hear what makes the hours go by for you, too, so leave me a comment below!

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Listen to music

This is totally obvious, but listening to music is the fastest way to get through a long road trip. What usually makes our list: 90’s pop, Guster, Zac Brown Band, Darius Rucker, Pitch Perfect, The Beatles and Disney music. Clearly, it depends who is driving and who is the DJ for what music gets played. If I’m asleep, Hubby usually plays Dave Matthews Band.

Read a book

Another obvious choice, but reading is a great distraction and also a great past time. I love reading books and generally read a lot in the car.


If you aren’t driving….another DUH suggestion.

Play 20 questions

We love this game and it usually has a theme. Like 20 questions vacation edition or 20 questions clothes edition. I love playing this game and usually don’t have to wait until the 20th question to get it right! The best is when we play 20 questions: restaurant and I immediately guess Chipotle. AND I’M ALWAYS RIGHT!

What’s your favorite…

This isn’t really a game but more of a fun conversation that is almost like an automatic tennis ball machine with just question after question after question. Hubby and I know a lot about each other (hello, we’re married) and I still learn things about him.

Sample questions: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish…concert as a kid…holiday…Christmas gift you got as a kid…game to play with Copley…dream.

Talk about the future

I love to think about the future. What will happen if we move to Atlanta? What will our kids be like? What will our house look like? It’s so fun to think about where life will take us!!

And that’s about a 9 hour drive. Music and sleep dominate but with these ideas in our back pocket, we arrive at our destination in no time!

What do you do on long car rides? Any survival tips?



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