My First BodyPump Class

Well, I did it! I went to a class at my gym in Germany. And I am especially excited because I can officially cross something off my list of 28 things to do this year.

Not only was this my first workout class in Germany, it was my first BodyPump class.



I wanted to take Bodypump when we lived back in the States, but it wasn’t offered at either of gyms I belonged to. So, when a friend suggested going to a class at the gym, I jumped at the chance!

What is Bodypump? According to their website, Bodypump is a total body workout that focuses on light to moderate weights and high repetition. The workout is set to a music track that gives cues for when to hold a move, when a move will be quick and when to cool down.

My experience. Well, let me just say, I was a sweaty beast at the end of this hour workout. My friend and I arrived a little late, but I was so glad I had a partner. She speaks fluent German, which definitely helped, and walking in knowing someone made me feel instantly more comfortable.

The class was entirely in German, obviously. I could understand the counting and when to hold a move…he would yell, “Halt!!” and it would scare the crap out of me. And what I didn’t understand, I just watched. The instructor does the moves with you, which was incredibly helpful.

We did a quick warmup with a barbell and I used 5.5 pound weights. Then, we did 2 sets of arms, 2 sets of legs, shoulders, triceps and abs. Holy geez! Add into that, there isn’t any air conditioning. I drank an entire bottle of water and my muscles were insanely fatigued. My legs were shaking during the squats and lunges, my arms could hardly go up and down by the end and holding a crunch for 30 seconds felt like a lifetime.

The music was a mixture of German and English/American songs. They weren’t my favorite songs…the ones I knew at least. But the beat was perfect for the work out.

All in all, my experience was insanely positive. I left feeling like I had a great workout, I feel stronger and I’m sore today. All great signs of a successful workout. I think I’ll go back next week!!

Have you ever taken Bodypump? What’s your favorite workout class?