Friday Favs {May 19}

Thank Goodness it’s Friday, right? The first full week back from vacation is always hard and this week was exactly that. I’ve been super tired lately and spent this week thinking that Monday was Tuesday and Thursday was Friday. I absolutely hate when that happens. This weekend I am looking forward to some relaxing couch time, hard work outs, a dinner with some work colleagues and a wine walk through a nearby vineyard. It’s going to be a great weekend!

But before we get to that, I’m going to share my Friday Favs for this week.

Coffee shop reading




There is something about coffee shops that make me want to go back to college and study for exams. But only the fun, marketing exams. Coffee shops also make me want to sit in a big, comfy chair with a good book and a decent latte.

Copley was getting a haircut and I had some time on my hands so I swung by Starbucks to read for about 30 minutes. This book, Dark Money, is extremely interesting but scary and I’ve had a hard time getting into it but I’m determined to finish it.

Copley’s new raincoat




My mom got Copley this raincoat and it is great because it zips into itself, so it’s super easy to transport. I love the color and the little hood. And as my dad said, “It looks like she’s going to serve fish at Long John Silver’s.” This look didn’t last either because there are elastic strings that go under her legs and she hated them. She walked funny for a few steps and then she would just sit. It was hilarious. But this picture is amazing.

Little Venice in Colmar, France




This weekend we went to Colmar, France and walked around the Little Venice area. IT was very small, like two blocks long, but super quaint. It really did look like Venice, there were even little boats like gondolas on the water.

I also just love the rows of colorful houses. This city is just so picturesque and I could seriously visit every month. The great thing is that it’s only a 2 hour drive for us.

I think that will do it for this week! What are you up to this weekend? 

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5 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

I am obsessed with my dog. There, I said it. If you’re a dog person, you most likely are, too. There’s something about pets that fills your heart so much. So much so, that you might cry while leaving her with a friend who will watch her while you’re on vacation. Just as an example. I don’t know anyone like this. (Sense the sarcasm?)

But this got me thinking about all the things Copley has taught me. She absolutely makes my life, and Vinn’s life, so much better. I can’t imagine life without her and got through this international move thanks to her. Here are 5 things my dog has taught me!

Stop and smell the roses. 




On every single walk, Copley stops to sniff. There’s just so many great smells, I guess. The above picture was taken in Munich where we had a great little weekend getaway and you can clearly see that Copley is more interested in experiencing life and not taking a picture.

It is great lesson that no matter what is happening in life, you should always stop and enjoy the moment, smell the roses, as they say. This is especially important in today’s culture with social media and sharing most happy aspects of your life with everyone you know. I try to be mindful of this, especially on vacation, that life is about the little moments. Copley forces me to stop, literally, but she has definitely made the little moments of life some I’ll never forget.


Unconditional love. 




Everyone says it, but I didn’t believe it until Copley came home with us. But dogs show you what it means to have unconditional love. Every day, no matter what has happened, when I get home, Copley runs to greet me. She loves to lay on my lap and drink water out of my glass and play fetch with Vinn. She is just happy to see us all the time. There is no wavering.

And I love her unconditionally, too. Just going to the gym makes me feel sad because I have to leave her. I would do anything for this puppy.

*Yes, I love Vinn unconditionally, too.

Daily exercise is so important. 




Health is important to me. I love working out, going to the gym and running outside. Copley has really shown me just how important the daily part of daily exercise really is. She and I go on about two walks a day and it helps her mood as much as mine. She is much more well-behaved, relaxed and an overall good girl after she’s had at least one walk. She needs the stimulation and the endorphins, too.

The walks for me also give me time to listen to my favorite podcasts, explore a new area of town or even a new city (the one above is Vienna) and get some Vitamin D.

To speak up for what you want. 




This is Copley stealing water from my glass on the way to bed one night. Please disregard my amazing loungewear and hair. But, you know what, girl goes after what she wants and apparently, she wanted a drink of water.

I’ve always been a go-getter in life and my high school friends would probably tell you I went a little extreme on the “I do what I want” front. But, I believe that your life is just that, your life. And you have to do what makes you happy.

Copley sure does. Another example. One night before bed, Copley and I were snuggling and Vinn went to turn off the light. He was playing around and turning the switch from on to off really fast. Well, Copley did not like that. At all. After the second time, she growled at him. We thought it was a fluke, but we did it again last week and this time instead of growling, she barked after the first switch from on to off. Girlfriend wanted those lights off. It’s a nice reminder that you can speak up for yourself, while still being polite. Or cute, in Copley’s case.

That laughter really is the best medicine. 




Copley does funny things every single day. Like above when she learned she could climb in the hampers to steal socks. See those socks right on top? Yeah, she wants those. I’ve always believed that the only way to get through rough times was to laugh about it, to make light of difficult situations. And Copley has continued that for me.

Copley is the best dog in the entire world. She is part of our family and I wouldn’t change that for the world!


Do you have a dog? What has he/she taught you?

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Friday Favs {March 31}

Happy Friday. I don’t even know what to say about this week because it seemed like it went by in a flash. I didn’t really do anything super interesting or worthwhile. I spent a lot of time researching for upcoming vacations, worked, got my hair done and took Copley on lots of walks.

This weekend we are traveling to Vienna, which has been on my bucket list to go to for years! I am so excited and will definitely share our long weekend. We are bringing the dog and going to a Dave Matthews concert. Should make for a fantastic weekend.

But before we get to the weekend, it’s time to share my Friday Favs for this week! I’d love to hear in the comments what your Friday Favs are this week and what you’re doing this weekend.

Easter’s coming


Our little town decorates this well for the major holidays. And today, Copley and I walked past it and it has Easter eggs over it. Isn’t it so pretty? If you can see it behind the cutest dog in the entire world. I love Easter and Germans go all out for Easter. I am really looking forward to seeing all the eggs around town.

The weather


The cherry blossoms are in full bloom here and the weather has been absolutely perfect. The past few days it has been in the low 60’s with sun and zero clouds. This is my kind of weather. If I could get this weather all year round, I would move there in a heartbeat. I just love my daily walks in this weather because it’s not too hot and not too cold. Plus, seeing these cherry blossoms just brings a smile to my face.

New shampoo


I started using this new shampoo and conditioner about two weeks ago and it has been life changing. It’s Argan Oil and makes my hair feel so soft and my scalp is not dry at all. I struggle with dry scalp and dandruff and I don’t have it any more! If you’re on the hunt for a new shampoo, I highly recommend this one.

A new book


This week I started reading Dark Money on the recommendation of Vinn. I haven’t gotten very far, but I know one thing, I’m terrified. This book dives deep into how the Koch brothers are using their billions to buy politics. It is seriously fascinating but I’m also scared because this is a true story. I don’t want to share or talk about politics specifically on here but I just find the political world extremely interesting. It is super real life House of Cards. I’ll share a full book review when I’m finished.

I think that will do it for this week! It’s been a great week. Bring on April! What are your Friday Favs? 

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Friday Favs {March 24}

It is Friday, TGIF. Wow, oh wow has this week flown. Something happened almost every single night this week and I am so excited to spend tonight snuggling on the couch with my favorite guy and puppy. We’re also (finally) going to see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow with some friends and then grabbing dinner. Last week we ended up not going because the movie time was too close to when Vinn played tennis. It is going to be a great weekend!

But before we get to that, here are my Friday Favs from the week! I’d love to hear what you’re loving this week.

National Puppy Day


I would be remised not to include this cute face since yesterday was National Puppy Day. I know I talk about Copley so much but I seriously can not imagine life without her. She loves to snuggle, play fetch, go for walks and makes us laugh every single day. She clearly gets a lot of attention and can’t stand it when we busy doing something else and will do whatever it takes to turn our attention back to her. Yes, even working. As we say, “We gotta work. Someone’s gotta put treats in the bowl!”

Celebrating a friend’s 1 year in Germany


Yesterday was one of my closest friend’s 1 year anniversary of living in Germany. She moved her with her German husband who works for the same company as Vinn. Her husband was an “expat” from Germany and working in the US for five years and his contract brought him back to Germany. She invited a bunch of people over to her house to celebrate with a magnum of prosecco and we talked about the past year, how it’s been tough, yet amazing and plans for the future. It definitely reminded me of all the thoughts that were going through my head on my one year anniversary of living in Germany. I am so blessed to have met her and my other friends because it has made life in Germany so much better!

Refinery29 Article

This article on Refinery29 really hit home for me. The title alone, “My Husband Makes $110,000 – & I Gave Up My Job for Him” made me instantly want to read it. Her story and mine are very similar, except that her husband is in the military and they are living in Alabama. She talked about how lonely not working can be and that she sometimes feels like a “moocher.” I totally relate to that but the takeaway is that you make decisions as a couple that are right for you and you have to focus on that. Kinda like how you can’t compare yourself to others because it is the thief of joy.

I think that’ll do it for this week! What are your Friday Favs? Have a great weekend.

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Friday Favs {March 17}

Hello, There. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Are you celebrating with some Guinness and a fish fry? We aren’t celebrating too much tonight and we are heading to a friend’s to celebrate and see a friend from Michigan.

This week went by incredibly fast! I did something every night this week. It was definitely full, exciting and a little exhausting. I really want to take a nap right now. But before I snuggle up with the puppy girl, I’m going to share my Friday Favs for the week! I’d love to hear what you’re loving in the comments section.

New podcasts


I’ve shared my love of podcasts in so many different Friday Favs posts but I just keep falling more and love in love with them. And they seem to be popping up more and more nowadays.

This past week I discovered two new to me podcasts: The Daily from the New York Times and News in Slow German. The Daily is a 15 minute podcasts with one major topic you need to know for the day. This past week they’ve done the rise of right-wing politics in Europe and alleged Russian cyber attacks. I find it fascinating and feel much more connected with what’s happening to the world.

The second one is News in Slow German. This one comes out biweekly and gives highlights of world news. It’s also really helping me with my German! They have News in Slow (insert language) so if you’re learning any new language, I highly suggest checking them out.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, it’s so easy to do. All you have to do is click on the Podcast icon (it’s purple) on your home screen on your iPhone. They are great for learning new things, laughing and keeping informed. I listen while taking Copley for a walk, on the train or cleaning. I really just love them!

Beauty and the Beast 


Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie of all time. I was Belle three years in a row for Halloween when I was a kid and wanted to be Belle in Disney World when I are up. Last week I watched the cartoon in preparation for seeing the live action movie with Emma Watson next week. There is a movie theater in downtown Stuttgart that plays the original version of movies and we are going to see it next week! I can’t wait and hope it doesn’t disappoint. It will take some getting used to that Belle has a British accent, though.

Copley’s haircut


I’ll just leave you with this precious little girl who got her spring haircut last week. Isn’t she just so sweet? Her beautiful dark eyes really pop when she gets a haircut. Her face isn’t as round as I like, but she’s still so darn cute and always one of my Friday Favs.

What’s on your agenda this weekend? What are your Friday Favs?

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