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I saw this post on Carrots ‘n Cake and it was really interesting to me. I send pictures all the time to Hubby, my mom, my sister, my best friend, pretty much everyone. And thanks to What’s App, I can still continue to send photos. And I receive a ton of pictures, too.

So, here are some recent photos I have sent and received.



To: Mom
My lunch yesterday: prosciutto and melon
This is one of my mom’s favorite snacks/meals. I haven’t eaten or found prosciutto in Germany yet and when I saw it on a menu, I had to order it and let her know!



To: Hubby
What: Copley crashing after our hour walk.
Why: He wasn’t home from work yet, so I wanted to send him a picture that said, “It’s okay. Copley’s not even awake.”



To: My sister
What: An awesome balcony I stumbled upon during a glorious walk yesterday.
Why: My sister, mom and I love looking at homes, especially mansions. My sister and I were talking about how nice some of the houses are in our area and she wanted to see some. I just love the rounded balcony.



To: My mom
What: A funny picture of Copley
Why: She just looked so cute. My mom misses Copley and loves seeing her on FaceTime and pictures…she gets more excited to see the pup than me! Also, Copley just sat during our walk because it was too windy. My caption, “No thanks, Mom. I’m all good.”



From: Hubby
What: The soda machine at KFC
Why: He was working super late yesterday, so he picked up KFC on his way home. He texted me this picture to find out what I wanted to drink. (I got 7Up AND the KFC was delicious)!



From: Mom
What: Her view from lunch
Why: She’s in Atlanta now and sent me this picture saying, “Not a bad view for a quick lunch after my workout.” She has a hard life. #jealous

The embarrassing part is that all of these pictures were sent  in the past week. I do love sending/receiving pictures. It makes me feel more connected to everyone back home!

What’s the last picture text you sent?


  1. Karen Howard | 15th Mar 16

    Prosciutto and melon–looks delicious. You have introduced some great foods to us that we may not have otherwise tried, only to find out that we really like them. Thanks, Jess!
    That balcony is wonderful. I want one like that! I can dream, can’t I?

    • Jessica Howard | 23rd Mar 16

      I’m so glad! Food is my passion 🙂 Dreaming is good.

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