That Happy Feeling

Happy Monday, all!

I’m blogging at you from Split, Croatia, where we are on vacation with my sister and her boyfriend. I thought I’d pop in and say hello and share a sneak peak at our trip so far. Follow along on my Instagram for live updates!

We arrived on Thursday and have been to the dog friendly beach, eaten way too many charcuterie plates, drank delicious Croatian wine, taken a boat to several islands, and visited the Krka National Park to see amazing waterfalls. Today, we are going to the hotel pool and private beach for some fun in the sun!

I thought I’d share a sneak peak at our trip, but a full recap is coming later this week!




I am just so happy. Traveling to amazing places with family is something so special and to be build memories together is what life is all about. We are so lucky that we’ve had some great visitors lately and are loving exploring new places in Europe.




If you ever get a chance to visit Croatia, Split has been amazing. It is fairly inexpensive once you get here and we’ve had a great time. I mean, look at that water!




Check back later this week for even more pictures and details of our trip.

What did you do this weekend?

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