That Time I Lived in a Country Song

What.A.Day. I had one thing on my agenda today and that was to join the gym. A friend and our relocation agent both go to the same gym, so I figured that’s the one I would join, too.

After sleeping in and getting a cappuccino and croissant, I headed to the train station…where everything took a turn.



A great start to the day.

I was finishing up my breakfast and had about 9 minutes to make it to the train station. I hightailed it out of there and walked really, really, really fast just in time to see the train pull away. DAMN IT! I listened to my Bitch Sesh podcast while I waited for 30 minutes for the next train to come.

Ok, fine. Not an ideal situation, but waiting for a half hour isn’t the end of the world. I hop on the train and it only takes 3 minutes to reach my destination.

It’s a little chilly outside and my phone is at 27% battery life. Uh oh. I attempt to enter in the gym address, but my phone couldn’t find the exact address. I get so lost. The 9 minute walk actually took 30 minutes. I walked past the place about 4 times. I only knew the name of the gym and the logo. There wasn’t a huge sign or any feather banners or anything to let me know where it was.

After texting Hubby, “I’m so lost. I give up,” I decided to give it one last shot. And then it started raining. Insert Rascal Flatts lyrics. With tears in my eyes, I walked around this building that I had a feeling would be it, I saw a teeny tiny sign with the gym name! Thank you, Lord! Thank you!

But, I wasn’t exactly sure how to get in. I peeked in the windows and it’s all under construction. Oh crap. I started to walk away, but then a guy with a gym bag started walking up, so I waited the right amount of time so I wouldn’t be right behind him, so I could follow him.

I finally get up to the gym…no one there. I turn the corner and there’s only one girl there who is wiping down the machines. I say excuse me in German and tell her I’m from America (in German) and I want to join the gym…in English. She tells me she doesn’t speak English that well, then precedes to speak almost perfect English. She tells me that since the gym is under construction and she’s the only one working at that moment to come back on March 18th once all the renovations are done.

Ok, fine. At least I found it and know when I can sign up and it will be a completely updated gym!

My phone is now at 5%.

I walk outside. It’s still raining. The plus side is that I didn’t get lost on the way back to the train. But, it’s still raining.

It rained the entire way back to the hotel.

The trip was not super successful and I left empty handed. I am mentally exhausted from the experience. And now it’s time to sit and watch the housewives and turn off my brain.

Today I learned that when you want to give up, keep pushing. And take the little victories. And that drinking wine will change everything.



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  2. Lucy | 7th Mar 16

    Oh man days like that can be such a pain in the ass. Good on you for not giving in! x

    • Jessica Howard | 8th Mar 16

      Right?! And why does it always rain when you’re having a bad day?

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