That Time We Bought a German Car

You read that right! On Saturday, we picked up our very own German car!!!

Here he is in all his glory.



It is a 2015 VW Golf Cup. It has 21,000 KM on it and it was used at VW corporate for when employees would come to Germany from other companies.

We had very specific requirements for our car:

  • Automatic
  • Low kilometers
  • Navigation
  • Diesel
  • Safe
  • Inexpensive

We knew we wanted to get a VW because it is (still) the biggest car brand in Germany. And actually the Golf is the number one car in the country. I had a Toyota Corolla in the States, so we’re just keeping the tradition of having the most produced car alive.

The car buying process was rather easy, actually. We told our relocation agent that we were thinking a VW Golf, he contacted a dealer, we went there to discuss the car and pricing. It turned out that the car wasn’t at this dealership, but it was actually at a dealership close by that was owned by the same parent company. We liked everything about the car: the price, the milage, the fact that it was an automatic, had a navigation system (in English) and heated seats so we set up an appointment at the other dealership to give it a test drive.

A week later, we went to the new VW dealer, talked to a new sales guy and took the car for a test drive. Everything was great with the car, except for a small hole in the driver’s seat. When we got back from our test drive, we were talking to the sales guy and he offered to fix the hole, extend the warranty and do the next service for free. OKAY, SIR! We’ll take that.

The price of the car and insurance actually ended up being less expensive than the other dealer, so win/win.

We love it. I have to get used to the diesel sound because it is definitely louder than a traditional gasoline, but that’s okay. And we have named him Shooter McGavin…from Happy Gilmore…because he’s a Golf.

Here he is in all his glory.






And, yes, you can take your dog to the car dealership. Woohoo!

So, this is Shooter. So far he’s great. Hubby loves him more because he can also drive in manual mode, so that’s a huge plus. Dear Shooter, we hope to have some great Germany adventures with you!


  1. Katie Lakin | 7th Mar 16

    Shooter looks amazing! (Honestly, I was wondering his name the whole post.)

    I love that Copley got to go car shopping with you.

    • Jessica Howard | 8th Mar 16

      Haha! The topic of dinner that night was what would his name be. Other contenders: John Daily, Happy Gilmore, McKilson. Miss you!!

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