The Best of Prague

In my last post, I mentioned that I visited Prague with my sister, her boyfriend and Vinn. Prague is absolutely incredible and was even on my initial European travel bucket list.

We spent 2 nights there and it was enough time to see the big sights and experience the culture. I definitely love that the city is on the water, there’s a tower to climb so you can see the city skyline and the food is inexpensive. Three things that make for a great trip!

We didn’t have an itinerary or anything. We woke up late, drank prosecco on the water and just enjoyed our time. Unlike our Salzburg trip recaps (day 1, day 2, days 3 and 4), I thought I’d just share some pictures and a quick note about each one!

I just want to say a quick note about our hotel: Sheraton Prague Charles Square. They were so accommodating, calling restaurants for reservations, having a bed ready for Copley and a welcome beer and snacks. The location was amazing and in the center of everything. I highly recommend it!

prague dog bowl


Surprisingly, I enjoyed this beer. Beer isn’t my thing, but this Prague pilsner tasted quite nice and refreshing.



Here’s our group out to dinner the first night. We enjoyed typical Prague food…well, the boys did. It’s a lot of sausage and pancakes. And duck neck. Yummy.  I ate salmon.


prague cz

Just look at Copley’s face. Isn’t she adorable.

prague sisters


Sister pic.


How gorgeous is this place?!


Our full day was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was in the high 60’s and we got to walk around with sunglasses, eating ice cream and getting some vitamin D.


Here’s a view of the church from the top of the tower. Gorg.

prague churches




prague bars

This is a bar in old town and we had to take a picture because Caffrey’s was the name of a bar we frequented in college.



We went to a bar where your drinks come to your table on a train! This is me being sad that my drink wasn’t on the first train .It was kitchy but perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail.


I leave you with the best group pic EVER!

prague bridge

All in all, it was fantastic to spend quality time with my sister and her boyfriend, while exploring a new city. The time spent is always too short but the memories will last forever!


  1. Kim Reynolds | 12th May 16

    So glad you are having fun and seeing the sites in Europe! We love the pictures! Love, Aunt Kim and Uncle Scott

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