The French Riviera in 72 Hours


The French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The water is so turquoise you can practically see the bottom, the houses are some of the biggest and most gorgeous in the world, the beaches are stunning and everywhere you turn there is an Instagram-worthy view.

Vinn and I spent a weekend in Nice, France with some friends from America and had the most incredible 72 hours. The French Riviera didn’t even cross my mind to visit when we were putting together our travel bucket list but now I can’t wait to go back! It’s seriously one of the most amazing places we’ve been so far on our European adventures and even if you can only visit for a few days, it is definitely worth it.

We stayed at our friends friend’s home, which was super lucky because we could stay for free, but I really want to go back at stay at a hotel on the Nice promenade. If you’re interesting, here is TripAdvisor’s list of the top hotels in Nice.

Here’s our trip breakdown with some tips in case you make it to Nice some day, which you really should!

Day One

The first day was fairly low-key. Our flight arrived in the early afternoon and we headed straight to the house to check it out, get settled and enjoy the beautiful weather. We soaked up the sun in the pool (Copley, too!), walked around the little village where the house is located and grabbed dinner at a cute little Italian place.





After dinner we headed back to the house and our friends tried to teach us how to play euchre. I say attempted because cards aren’t really my thing, but I did end up enjoying the game, but I particularly liked sitting outside, drinking and chatting.


Day Two 

Our second day was similar to the first with taking it easy in the morning, doing a patio workout together and then heading to the beach. The weather was windy and chilly on the coast, but we had lunch in the sand at a beach club, which can’t really be beat. We went to this restaurant and had fun looking at the water. It turned fairly gray after we ate, so the pictures did not turn out so well.

When going to the beach in Nice, it’s best to go to a beach club because you can rent lounge chairs for the day. The beaches aren’t sand beaches, they are actually rocks, so you definitely need a lounge chair.

For dinner, we went to Le Village in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the town where the house was. It was recommended to us by the owners of the house and it did not disappoint. Cagnes-sur-Mer is a little village outside of Nice and if you want to venture out of the big tourist areas, it is a great town.


The square where the restaurant was has Thursday night jazz outside, so we had dinner and a show. The music was fantastic, they even played Snoopy! It was a great dinner, too. Vinn and my friend ordered the spare ribs and said they were delicious, with an even better ambiance.

Day Three 

Our last full day was our promenade day. We went to the famous Nice promenade and spent half a day on a boat tour through the Mediterranean Sea.


I mean, the water! So stunning.


We met our boat tour at 2 PM and headed immediately out on the water. We reserved with Nice Boat Tour and I must say, Vincent was amazing. He was very informative, pointed out Elton John’s house, shared stories of his life working on yachts and had snacks and wine. Our tour lasted 4 hours and we were able to see Monte Carlo, Monaco from afar.

The wealth 0n display in the water is something I’ve never seen. The yachts are huge, mansions on water. The one below has a swimming pool!


The water was a little choppy, but once we got to a cove it was perfect and we just laid out for a few hours. My friend, Caitlin, and I had some amazing conversations while sunbathing and it reminded me how much I love our heart-to-hearts. It was really special and a testament to how life has changed. When we were in high school, we were talking about boys, girl drama, which college to go to and now we’re talking about mortgages, debt, career. Nuts.



Thankfully, no one got sea sick and once we were on land again, we grabbed a snack before having a quick photo shoot on the beach. This picture is seriously one of my favorites of all time.


We had our final dinner at the house, played more card games and reminisced about our trip. It was the perfect end to a vacation with amazing friends.

Day Four

We had a little while before our flight and headed to a lookout point at the end of the Nice promenade. This is the best place for a view in all of Nice. There are a fair amount of stairs and I do not recommend wearing jeans like I did.


Obligatory Copley picture.


After a quick bite, we headed to the airport for our flight home. It was our first time flying KLM and I must say, it was fantastic. The flight attendants checked on us throughout the flight since we were traveling with our dog and made sure we were comfortable. We fly a lot with Copley and this was the first time anyone has ever asked us if there’s anything they can do to make our flight easier. I was pleasantly surprised.

Our time in the French Riviera was definitely too short, but it was fantastic. I cannot wait to visit again.


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