The Fun is Back

Hi Everyone! How is your Thursday? I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Where did this week go? Mine has been flying. I’m finally starting to get into the groove of my new job and trying to find a new work/life balance.

This week has been a rough one for Hubby and I haven’t really seen him. And that sucks. But we have lots of big plans this weekend and I know we’re going to have so much fun. THE FUN IS BACK!


And speaking of Housewives, did you watch the latest Orange County or New York? Orange County was probably one of my favorites in recent seasons and New York is almost over. Cry.

Let’s talk about Orange County for a second because I have some opinions…I know, shocking!

How beautiful is Tahiti? I want to go there now. I really want to stay in a bungalow over the water. That would just be lovely.


Let’s skip ahead to the good parts of the episode.

My thoughts on Meghan and her “love” for her step kids: I am not a stepmother. I am not a mother. I imagine both are incredible but also incredibly difficult. If you are a stepmother, you must always fear that your kids will never love you. And as the mother, you always fear that your children will love the stepmother more than you. (Anyone catch the Stepmom the movie reference?) I would hope a mother would want a stepmother who loved her children as much as she does. Obviously a biological mother can never be replaced, but if your ex-husband remarries, wouldn’t you be happy that he married someone who loves your kids? i don’t know, I must be crazy. And, if I’m not mistaken, Donn loved Vicki’s kids like his own and I bet he wishes he were their biological dad. #hypocritemuch Oh Vicki, you really are a hypocrite.

Side bar comment: I didn’t think it was fair for Shannon to say that she would never be friends with the “new” wife if she was friends with the “old” wife. That’s not fair. I think Heather seems to be doing a great job of being friends with Meghan and friends with Jimmy’s second wife. It seems like Jimmy and Terry are friends, so what is she supposed to do when Meghan comes around? Leave because she’s there? The standards of these ladies is really high for others and really low for themselves.

My thoughts on Fireball: I love it! This is the Housewives franchise I miss. The ladies all going out, having a great time, dancing like fools and having a little bit of drama. When Vicki couldn’t figure out how to answer the phone, I almost fell off the elliptical! (Yes, I watched on the elliptical. It helps pass the time!)

My thoughts on New York: Finally Sonja has a product!! At this point, I didn’t even care if the product was her toaster oven, jewelry, clothing, panty hose, cell phone service, whatever! I’m just glad she had something to show! I don’t think I would necessarily wear anything that she presented, but I could totally see the other ladies wearing her stuff. Now the question is, are those the only samples or are these actually in production?

Other random thoughts: Sonja should fire that random dude who doesn’t answer any questions? Heather and Bethenny are both successful business women. Heather has her clothing line in Bloomingdale’s. I’m sure she knew exactly who her competition is! Hell, I know who her competition is because…well…I’m in marketing. Bethenny needs to let the dress situation go with Ramona. They are never going to be on the same page. No way. And who would want to be on the same page as Ramona? Ramona needs to just sleep with someone. Maybe it will calm her down. There was one look during Carole’s interviews where she looked really tan and her hair looked great. Girl looks good! Next week is the finale and I’m excited. Well, I’m more excited for the reunions!!

What have you been doing that’s been fun recently? Do you watch the Housewives? If not, what’s your show?

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