The Last Pictures on My Phone

I take pictures every. single. day. And usually of Copley.

I thought I’d share the last few pictures that are on my phone. Some are pictures I’ve taken, some are pictures I wanted to send via text and some are just silly.

1. My sleep pattern from my Jawbone


I snapped this picture from my UP for Jawbone app and sent to Hubby. We didn’t sleep that great last night, clearly. Copley woke up at 3:30 and the night before she woke up at 4:19. We haven’t been following our normal routine as much and I think it’s throwing her. I am super tired today. I was up last night for over 2 hours! Grrr…

2. A meme of Teresa Guidice 


I sent this meme to a co-worker as we were discussing grabbing some drinks after work. I think it fits the bill. Although, HE did not enjoy it as much as I did.

3. A wreck I saw at a gas station.


Yes, this is real. I was getting gas on Monday and looked over and saw this truck oddly high. I walked over and saw this. HOLY GEEZE! Luckily, it appeared everyone was okay. There wasn’t an ambulance on site or anything. (I took the picture after I realized this). And the only problem with the BMW was a cracked windshield. It’s pretty hard to believe, so I’m glad I have the pic.

3. A picture of my Nordstrom receipt 


I snapped this picture after I ordered a dress from Nordstrom with a gift card my aunt gave me for my birthday. I wanted her ot know I used her gift card and for something super cute!!

4. A picture of Hubby grilling 


I snapped this picture this past weekend of Hubby grilling on our balcony. It just screams summer and I’m so looking forward to more summer days spent this way.

What are the last few pictures on your phone?


  1. Movin' it with Michelle | 25th Jun 15

    Cute dress, although that price made me gasp!! HEHEHE!!! I have pics from my last weekend’s adventures with my sister as my most recent pics.

  2. Jessica Howard | 25th Jun 15

    Haha! I had a $100 gift card 🙂 I just read your post – awesome job! Congrats

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