The Life Changing Power of Google Docs

Confession time: I really love to-do lists, mostly so I can check things off once I’ve done them. Hello, Type-A personality! I love taking notes and writing down goals and random thoughts. I would be the girl that would bring her Moleskin notebook to a meeting and not a laptop. And then keep all of the old ones so I wouldn’t forget the meeting notes from six months ago. But all of that changed in the last year thanks to an unpredictable schedule, working less and switching to an online calendar.

With these changes also came the change to an online note-taking system. I don’t really have a need to take notes anymore and I started losing the loose pieces of paper where I would write random thoughts, like what to get a friend for her wedding gift, the name of a restaurant someone recommended or the shampoo my dermatologist recommended.

I started taking notes in the Notes app on my iPhone but once I got into the groove of putting all of our vacation research into Google Docs, I realized that I could also use the web-based system for all of my note taking. And, let me tell you, it has changed my life!


I now use Google docs to track my eating habits (trying to be healthier this year and look pretty darn good as a bridesmaid in my best friends’ wedding), a list of gift ideas, blog post ideas, restaurants to try and upcoming vacations. I love that it’s FREE (!), I can take notes on the app and it automatically updates all versions, it can’t get lost and I can share any document with friends and family. My sister recently started a document to organize the upcoming trip to Spain so me, my mom and my sister can all do research and put everything in one place.

I really like that I can have a tab open with Google Docs and then a tab open for vacation research. It’s so easy to just drop all the information into the online document, like website links, so I can easily access it whenever I need to. I find that the unlimited access is something that I truly need and can’t have when it comes to pen and paper. I still love writing small to-do lists and other things, but switching to an online note taking system has been the best thing for my mind and my love of no clutter around the house!

How do you take notes? Are you a paper junkie or an online organizer?

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