The Moment I Realized I’m Out of Touch

Happy Monday to all of you. It seems lately that I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am to live in Germany, to experience so many great things and wanting to talk about my experience. I don’t know, maybe it’s too much caffeine from my daily cappuccinos, but I’m just going to roll with it.

I am lucky that we live in the world of technology because I can text, email, FaceTime and Facebook with anyone from anywhere. It makes staying in touch much easier, for sure. I text with my mom, sister and best friend pretty much every day, which admittedly isn’t different from life in Michigan, but it brings such normalcy to my life here in Germany and makes me feel like I am still connected to American life. That being said, there is no way I could stay on top of everything in the States. I had a subscription to Us Weekly and stayed on top of all the celebrity gossip like it was my job. In the London airport, I picked up a copy of the magazine only to find out that I didn’t know half the people in the magazine or the TV shows they are in. Uh oh.

But there was one moment when it really hit me. It hit me that I am out of touch with the day to day life and the happenings of the States.

I was texting with my best friend about Lord knows what. We usually text on a variety of topics: what we ate for lunch, how hard a workout was, what crazy thing we read on Facebook, or just a random thought. Here was our conversation:

Me: I am living for Suits lately. Have you seen it?

BFF: No. Is MM a good actress?

Me: Who?

BFF: Megan Markle, she’s dating Prince Harry

Me: What?! I didn’t know that.


In this moment, I knew I was out of touch. Without E News I don’t really know what’s going on in the celebrity world outside of the anything Real Housewives related…I actively seek out that kind of information. This moment made me feel sad, but also happy. I have officially crossed over to the world of German life. Now, I don’t know who German celebrities are or anything, but I no longer feel the pull to stay on top of everything happening in the States. It is a strange, welcome feeling that I am embracing it.

I realize this is a really random thing a) to discuss with your friend and b) to have a strong feeling toward something so small, but this was the moment when I realized I am out of touch. Oh the life of an expat and twenty-something!

Have you ever felt out of touch?

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