The One with the $27 Pizza

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents came to visit us and we split our time between Germany and Switzerland. I showed you how much fun we had in Germany and today I’ll share our adventures in Switzerland. There are lots of pictures of pretty mountains, glasses of wine and Copley in sweaters.

Side note: everyone says how expensive Switzerland is and I always thought they were just being cheap. Well, they were right. Everything in Zurich and Geneva were incredibly expensive. Our first night in Geneva we went to get some pizzas to bring back to our Air BnB and it costs over 100 francs!! Luckily the exchange rate is about 1:1, so that’s positive. We bought 4 pizzas because that’s what the waitress recommended and each pizza was over $20, the most expensive was $27!! So, yes, Switzerland is quite expensive. But, it is absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself.

We drove from Stuttgart to Zurich on Thursday, which only took 2.5 hours. I love how close we are to other countries, it’s such a blessing. We spent one night in Zurich and then two nights in Geneva. Even though it was a pretty quick turn around, we certainly experienced a lot.


Zürich switzerland

Our first stop brought us through the Zurich train station right before walking down the Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street. This is a Swarovski tree in the train station. Yes, you read that right, this is a tree in a train station. There is even a Christmas market within the train station. How cool is that?


chocolate Zürich


Stop number one on the Bahnhofstrasse was chocolate. Interesting fact about the street, it is the third most expensive street in the world for rent, has its own website, is free of car traffic and has every major fashion brand imaginable. If you listened to me on Blair’s podcast, you’ll know that I always stop for dessert first thing. This is Läderach and we spent 16 francs for two pieces of chocolate. But, it was so good! Good thing to keep the tradition going.


main shopping street zurich


Isn’t the street gorgeous with all the lights? I just love it.


zurich clock


If I took a shot every time we passed a jewelry store or a watch store, I would have been completely bombed. If only we had five figures to spend on a watch, we would have been totally set. One can dream.


lake zurich


At the end of the main shopping street, is Lake Zurich. And we made it just in time for the sunset. Isn’t it gorgeous? Mountains, water, sunset, walking towards dinner? What’s not to love? Amazing.


zurich lake sunset


lake zurich


High and tight, just like a football. This little fur ball is quite the trooper when it comes to traveling. I plan on doing an entire post on traveling with a dog because we have learned a lot of what to do and what not to during our travels.


lake zurich


This is Copley really wanting to chase cars.


grossmunster church


Here is the Grossmünster Church, which was built in 1100 and was completed in 1220. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love how it is all lit up and the Christmas tree in front.

Our dinner in Zurich brought us to a Zurich favorite: fondue! Our hotel recommended Le Dezaley and it was truly delicious. The restaurant started in 1274 and is known for it’s unique cheese fondue. I haven’t had fondue for a really long time and I forgot how filling it is. We ordered a cheese and meat fondue with a side of french fries to share. It was certainly an experience.


zurich fondue


We woke up Friday morning ready to hit the road after some coffee and yogurt and started our drive to Geneva. But first, a quick picture of the Copley Bean on the cutest window seat in the Zurich hotel.


cute dog


The drive took us through the Alps and was the most gorgeous drive I’ve ever experienced. We stopped for lunch in the most quaint little town, Interlocken, which I really want to visit again. It was just so darn cute, with mountains and a lake. (Hence, the name). On the drive, we saw a tourist bus off to the side of the road and saw the most gorgeous view! We just had to stop and take some pictures, too.


swiss alps


swiss alps


swiss alps


Don’t they look so happy to have stumbled upon such a gorgeous site? I will spare them and not put our attempt at a selfie into the blog. But we had a lot of fun trying to take one. When one of our members is a foot taller than two others members, it’s not easy to take a selfie!


swiss alps


Once we made it to Geneva it was pretty much dinner time and we were tired, so we just got our $27 pizza and stayed home. Vinn and Dad ran to the grocery store to pick up wine and we had a great night at our “home.” I will say, the Air BnB worked great for us. It had two big bedrooms, one bathroom and a little courtyard for Copley. We have yet to be disappointed to with anything we’ve rented through the site.

Our first full day in Geneva took us to the main site, the water jet. It’s worth seeing, but in a Chevy Chase kind of way. Like, look at it, take a picture and then walk to the shopping area.


geneva jet


Geneva is really pretty and it looked a lot like Paris to me architecture-wise. It was fun to walk around, window shop and actually shop and then we stumbled upon the most wonderful little wine bar. We were walking around and literally saw wine in the window and decided to stop. It was the best stop ever!

We walked in and we were the only ones there and were guided down a group of stairs. At first I was a little nervous, but when we turned a corner, my opinion did a 180!


wine bar


Hello, gorgeous! This is a wine dispenser where you can pick any wine and get a taste, half a glass or a full glass with the touch of a button. Basically, I’m researching them to install in our future house.

The place is called Monna Isa, after the Mona Lisa and the owner, Isabella. Isabella opened 9 (!) days before we visited and she spent so much time with us, explaining the wines, letting us try as many as we wanted. The chef came down and brought us some snacks, too. Everyone was incredibly nice, extremely insightful and treated us like royalty.

Isabella moved to Geneva two years ago with this dream to open a restaurant. She left her law firm behind to live her passion, my idol. She spent her first two years learning French and taking tests to open a business in Geneva. Her dream came to life in an amazing way and I could spend hours and hours there. And we actually did! After we tasted a bunch of different Italian and French wines, we selected a bottle to buy and spent the rest of the night in the dining room talking about our favorite parts of the trip and our ideal next destinations. It was a magical way to spend our final night in Switzerland.

wine bar


wine dispensers


Dad would have moved into this place and I think would be an investor, seriously. It was truly amazing.



monna isa


Our time at Monna Isa is one of my favorite memories ever. We just had such a good time trying the different wines, eating a cheese plate and hearing about Isabella’s experiences. I even got to try a rose champagne that was to die. If you ever go to Geneva, you must stop there!

Well, if you’ve made it this far, I commend you. Thanks for reading. Having my parents visit was spectacular. It’s still a little weird that they are visiting us in Germany and that we actually live here. But, hey, our sights are definitely more beautiful than Detroit. To Mom and Dad, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules, especially with your new new house, to come visit us. It meant the world to us to have you see where we live! We love you.

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  1. Ara Lawrence | 16th Dec 16

    I feel like I have been there. I es[ecially liked the Swarovaki Christmas Tree.

    • Jessica | 16th Dec 16

      Isn’t that just amazing?!

  2. Katie | 17th Dec 16

    Switzerland was gorgeous! I wish we could have stayed longer when we went. Geneva sounds AMAZING! (Especially Monna Isa!)

    • Jessica | 23rd Dec 16

      Right?! If it wasn’t so expensive, I would stay for weeks.

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