The One with the Christmas Markets

This past week has been the most magical week ever. My parents came to visit for a little over a week and we spent so much quality time together. They arrived on December 3rd and the first few days we stayed in Germany and visited pretty much every single Christmas market in the area. Then, last Thursday we headed to Switzerland. Hence, why I’ve been radio silent the past week.

We had so much fun, I can’t even really put it into words. It was a little strange because it felt like we weren’t even in Europe. It felt like we were just having a weekend trip in Detroit…but way better. We took so many pictures, drank a lot of wine and glüwein, ate way too many carbs and just laughed and laughed. Today, I thought I’d share our Germany pictures and tomorrow I’ll share our Switzerland pictures, including the most amazing wine tasting experience ever! If this was a Friends episode, it would be titled, “The One with the Christmas Markets.” So, here we go.

Stop number one brought us to the Stuttgart Christmas Market. It was early afternoon on Saturday, so it was quite crowded, but once we had some glüwein, all was right with the world. My parents split a brat and said it was the best they’ve ever had! It is true, they are really good. We walked around and looked at all the ornaments, holiday decor and different food available. It was a great way to start the trip!


germany christmas markets


stuttgart christmas market


Sunday brought us to a town called Tübingen for their ChocolateArt Fest. The entire main square is filled with chocolate vendors, chocolate artists and chocolate drinks. Basically, heaven on earth. Again, it was super crowded,especially because it was the last day of the festival, but it was a lot of fun!


chocolate art fest


Thank goodness for the self-timer on the camera! No one was around to take this picture, but how cute is that tree?





The buildings in Tübingen are quintessential Germany to me. It is a really cute town.


christmas tree


christmas markets

These hot chocolates were incredible: hot chocolate, marshmallows and rum. Holy geez, these were amazing. I could literally have one every single day. And my dad is eating a chocolate covered banana. Also delicious. We had to try all the chocolate, of course.




An example of some of the booths that were there. All of those are made from chocolate! A soccer cleat, shoes, purses, a soccer ball, so much stuff. They were really expensive, so we didn’t get any, but how cool!

Monday was Ludwigsburg day! We (again) visited the Christmas Market and I showed my parents around the town. Poor Vinn had to work, but he met up with us afterward. It was a nice day filled with some shopping and hot chocolate with Bailey’s.


ludwigsburg palace


How gorgeous does the palace look? This huge display of an Advent wreath is stunning. I love how much the city lights up and decorates for Christmas. It brings so much joy.


christmas market


Copley went absolutely everywhere with us while my parents were here. She is getting much better at being patient while we’re at restaurants, but still barks at little kids and anyone on a bike. Luckily, she’s cute.

Tuesday was a bummer of a day because I had to work, as did Vinn. Mom and Dad ventured to the Mercedes Museum, which worked out well since we went when Megan was here. But, when we were finished, we went to yet another Christmas market, but this time in Esslingen. This market is famous because Esslingen is such a gorgeous town, it is actually called “Little Venice” because it is on a river and has lots of canals.  I liked this market and Vinn and Dad said it had the best glüwein (or hot mulled wine) of any market.


germany christmas


These Christmas pyramids are everywhere! I love them and really want to buy one for our apartment, but I can’t seem to find one that I truly love yet. Every time I see them, though, I think of the Christmas Vacation scene were Eddie breaks off the top while drinking eggnog out of the moose mugs. Another reason to want one, I would laugh every time.


mom and copley


Here’s my mom and her grand-pup. They really missed each other. It was really cold on Tuesday, so Copley was wearing her sweater. She wasn’t as miserable as she looks.

Wednesday brought us to Heidelberg for a quick tour of the city. I wanted to show my parents the awesome fortress and another cool city in Germany. It was really nice to visit some not so frequented towns and they could really see how Germans live and not the tourist spots, even though those cities are great, too.




The five days in Germany were fantastic! It was so great to show my parents where we live, impress them with the little German we speak and experience the holiday season together. Switzerland was actually better, believe it or not. Check back tomorrow to see those pictures.

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