The Real F*Ups of Beverly Hills

I mean seriously, what the F is happening with the ladies of Beverly Hills?! Each week just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

This week, the women go to a flower market, Brandi goes on a “date” with a 23-year old man/child and makes out with him super awkwardly in a restaurant #gross and the other ladies have what appears to be a wonderful, just like old times dinner on their last night in Amsterdam.


Look at that lovely dinner table. There’s shock, there’s awe, there’s laughter, there’s Vanderpump telling naughty stories. It has everything I used to love about this show. It was a lovely change of pace. I want to see more of this!

Then all the ladies head back home and everyone is still in shock.

Kyle and Lisa R go to a Pilates class, Yo and Brandi go to a spa and Lisa Vanderpump officiates a gay AND FABULOUS wedding.

Let’s start with Kyle and Lisa R:


I have to admit that this is awkward to watch. And why are they both wearing grey? And why does Kyle wear the tackiest, gaudiest necklaces ever? Do people really buy this stuff at Kyle by Alene Too? I don’t think so!

Lisa R tells Kyle that Brandi is worried about Kim and her “situation.” Kyle is all, “WTF! Doesn’t she need to work on herself? She’s crazy.” Kyle is ready to hop right into her car and tell Kim what her “friend” is saying about her. But she’ll wait until they are in the desert together. More on that later.

Brandi and Yo go to the spa together for some much needed relaxation. At least, that’s what Yo thought. Unfortunately, Brandi’s dad had to go to the hospital and that’s just awful no matter how awful Brandi is. Yo gets a vitamin drip <— what the f, while Brandi gets a facial. The two talk about the trip and Yo “lectures” Brandi that sometimes sorry isn’t enough.

Brandi cries, or at least I think she started crying because her face didn’t move, and says that it’s so unfair that everyone else can say whatever they want but she can’t. It’s so unfair. Waaahhhh, waahhh, wahhh. She’s such a cry baby. I feel like Brandi can’t take any responsibility for her actions at all and constantly blames everyone else for her problems. I also think she is incredible self-deprecating. She said she bit off all her nails when she found out her dad went to the hospital. She’s mentioned how she picked her face so badly it left scars in the past. What is wrong with her? She needs to seek professional help, for sure.

And finally….the good stuff! Kim and Kyle.


The two head up to Kyle’s new house in the desert. Side bar: Kyle’s house is gorgeous! I love everything about it. I love the stone, the open floor plan and the pocket doors from the living room to the patio.

But, back to the drama.

It’s super awkward with these two “sisters.” I put that in quotes because I really don’t believe these two are sisters. There’s no way. I would never speak to my sister…well any human….the way these two speak to each other.


The two start playing semi-dirty and keep talking about Amsterdam and how Kim is upset with Kyle because Kyle didn’t stick up for Kim when Lisa R attacked her. Kim is insanely delusional. She doesn’t remember how events actually happen. And that concept continues when the past gets brought up….and the past is, “YOU STOLE MY GOD DAMN HOUSE!” < —- remember season 1 when a drunken Kim screams this to Kyle in a limo.

This sends Kyle over the edge. Kim claims that Kyle stole their mom’s house in order to buy her new mansion in the desert. While I don’t believe Kim is coherent enough to remember correct events, I don’t think Kyle is telling the whole truth either. The two go back and forth on whether Kyle bought the new house without even telling Kim she was selling their mom’s house. And then, Kyle tells Kim that Brandi has been talking about her and thinks she needs help. Kim doesn’t believe her.

It spirals round and round…then Kyle cries, Kim manipulates…I mean, comforts her. It was pure insanity! The complete disrespect for each other is mind blowing. There’s no way these two love each other as much as they say they do. Otherwise they wouldn’t behave this way.

Next week is the finale. I CAN’T WAIT! I can’t wait for the reunion even more. I bet it’s going to be, “the biggest reunion in Housewives history!”

Did you watch this episode? Do you believe Kyle or Kim?

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