Things You Do for Your Spouse

October is our wedding month and I thought it would be fun to do some marriage posts once a week (maybe more, maybe less) to talk about love, living together and how the past 3 years (!) have been the best three years of my life.

Quick facts: Vinn and I met freshman year of college. At the end of October (October 26th), we will have been married for three years, but together for a decade. I can’t believe that we’ve been together since we were 18 years old! We’ve had some incredible experiences so far, but I know the best is yet to come. 

This past Monday was a holiday in Germany. The holiday was to celebrate the reunification of Eastern and Western Germany AKA when the Berlin wall came down. Can you believe that happened in 1990? I certainly don’t remember the occasion, as I was only two years old, but the fact that this happened during my lifetime makes me realize just how new the current state of Germany actually is.

Since it was a holiday, Vinn had the day off work. When we woke up, he looked at me and said, “Want to go to France today?” Who can say no to that?

Now, let me preface this, he wanted to go to France to go to a grocery store so he could buy his favorite Belgian beer that is not available here in Germany. Not exactly a romantic trip to Paris, but it still sounded fun.

So, we hopped in the car, Copley in tow, and went to the store. Luckily the store was in a mall, so Copley and I went shopping while Vinn examined all the beer, reexamined everything and paid for his individual bottles. Yes, individual bottles.

And then, we came home.

I bring up this story because it is not an ideal situation to drive an hour and a half into another country, go to a grocery store, spend 60 euro on beer and then drive one and a half hours home. But, it made Vinn incredible happy. Exhibit A:


It got me thinking about all the other things he does for me and I do for him to make each other happy. For example, I will blog while he watches football. I will try to add more spices to recipes because he thinks something is spicy only if he’s sweating. I know we have to stop at the ESPN Zone whenever we are in downtown Chicago. If the car ride is really long (and I’m probably going to fall asleep), I turn on his favorite Dave Matthews music, which I cannot stand.

And Vinn puts on headphones so I can watch my beloved Housewives. He lets me pop into a store whenever I see something I like, knowing full well he might have to sit for a decent amount of time. He makes the taco seasoning less spicy because he knows I hate spicy.

Even though these things seem pretty small, they make a huge difference in turning around a mood and show how much we love each other. We all make sacrifices for the person we love. And marriage is putting the other person’s needs above your own. I feel like I should insert the disclaimer that we are not perfect and there have been many an argument over how many hours of Housewives I watch or how many of the exact same DMB live albums he buys. But, I wouldn’t change our lives for anything. He is the only person I want to go through life with.

And I would drive 3 hours to get that happy look on his face any day of the week.

What little acts of kindness do you do for your spouse to make them happy, even if it makes you not so happy? Anyone been married for a long time and have advice? 

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