Thoughts on Sororities

I normally wouldn’t comment on something “controversial,” but a news story today has really hit a nerve.

On the Today Show, they discussed an article written about a sorority recruitment video made by the University of Alabama Alpha Phi. I can proudly say that I was in a sorority in college and that I am an Alpha Phi. I will not link to the article because I think it’s ridiculous.

In a nutshell, the article stated that the video was worth for women than Donald Trump; that the video was degrading towards women. There wasn’t any diversity among the women. Now, this video does show attractive girls hanging out together, some in bikinis and hanging out in their house.


Our recruitment didn’t allow videos, but I can imagine this video was quite successful! It looked professional done and all the girls looked like they really cared for each other and were having a blast together! And, for the bikinis, they are in ALABAMA. And last time I checked, it’s hot in Alabama. And for the diversity, again, it’s the south. AND, there are notoriously “all African-American” sororities and they aren’t chastised about having little to no diversity. As for being degrading towards women, what’s degrading about having a higher than university average GPA, spending Saturdays doing community service, creating life long memories and having sisters who will be there for you for the rest of your life.

I can honestly say that joining Alpha Phi was one of the best decisions I made in my entire life. I made the best friends, some of whom were bridesmaid in our wedding. I learned how to handle tough situations, how to live with others and that no one will have your back quite like your sorority sister.

To the person who wrote the article: I wish you had done a little more research. That chapter has 72 members who come from all different walks of life, have different majors and have career ambitions. College is about education, but it’s also about being on your own for the first time, finding who you are and having the time of your life. Who cares that these girls are attractive. They shouldn’t be happy all the time? They made a video to show their sorority and school spirit. The whole purpose is to get new members to join your sorority. And, the University of Alabama had the most girls go through recruitment then ever!!!


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