Time to Give Up Something

Hi All! Happy Ash Wednesday to those who celebrate it. Happy Wednesday to everyone else! 🙂

I was brought up Catholic and went to a Catholic, Jesuit university, so Ash Wednesday has pretty much always been in my life.

Love it or hate it or don’t give 2 sh*ts about it, I like what Lent symbolizes. This is just my opinion, obvi. I like that there is a time of year when one can and should reflect on the things in his/her life and make a sacrifice. Lent is a good reminder that I have a pretty great life and there are many others less fortunate.

So, this year, I am giving up…..



And this is a real sacrifice. I don’t shop super regularly but when I do, I make it count. I believe in quality clothing over quantity, so when I buy something, I make it the best I can afford. Read: designer jeans, nice(ish) shoes, Kate Spade purses, Ugg boots, if it’s sold at Nordstrom, I must have it.

I don’t necessarily need anything, but I WANT ALL THE THINGS! Shout out thanks to my Hubby for teaching me the difference between want and need…sense any sarcasm?

Also, Hubby and I are saving for a romantic trip to Europe next year that we hope to serve as our final couples only vacation before we start having kids and owning a home.

So, giving up shopping is really two-fold:
1. I will learn that retail therapy isn’t a real thing. At least, I hope!
2. I will put the money I would have spent on yet another pair of shoes into the savings account we opened (or at least plan to) specifically for our trip.

That’s a win-win! Wish me luck!!!

What are you giving up for Lent?

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