To Mima

My beloved grandmother, Mima, passed away in March and even though it’s been 5 months, it’s still difficult. I think of her often and I’m especially thinking of her this week because it would have been her 88th birthday.

This is the last picture with her. She hated this one, by the way. She said, “Oh, that’s just an old lady.”  But I think she looks so happy. Happy that she’s at Christmas, happy she’s with her family, overall, happy! 

Writing was her passion and is definitely where I get my love of the written word. I process my feelings, thoughts and emotions by writing them down, just like the Mims. I’ve been feeling “off” the past few days and think that writing something to Mima would help me and be a tribute to her, which she definitely deserves. I know this is just a small gesture and one that she would probably be mortified was on the internet, but I’m going to do it anyway.

To Mima,

It’s been months since you passed away and it’s harder to deal with than I thought. I know you’re in a happier place, visiting with Papap and your parents and talking all kinds of tennis with anyone who will listen and reminiscing about high school with Arnold Palmer and Mr. Rodgers. (True story!)

I think of you in the strangest situations. Whenever I drink a glass of white wine, I think about how I should put some ice cubes in it just the way you did. Whenever I say something slightly off color, I think about what your face would look like if you heard it. The face that you think it’s funny, but also not something a lady should say out loud. Whenever I travel somewhere, I think about how much you would love to hear about it, especially about all the food. I know  you would love to see all the pictures of all the monuments and beautiful places. You would love all the Copley pictures and say, “Hi, Puppy!” to all of them.

This week would have been your 88th birthday, even though you wouldn’t have told anyone. You would have said it was your birthday but never say your new age. I’m sure you would have liked to be 88 since it’s a nice round number. Age was such a funny thing to you. You even made Mom lie about her age so that you would seem younger. I didn’t even know how old you were until a few years ago.

I wish you were still here and I could ask you for advice on writing, how to handle some work situations and when is the best time to have a baby. You would give me the best notes on my posts, pointing out all the sentences that should be reworked and any and all typos. You would tell me to follow my heart and to always talk things out with Vinn.

I love how much you loved Vinn. You told me that you knew he would make a good husband and father, which means the world to me that you approved. I am so thankful that you got to meet him and spend so much time with him. I did not love that whenever I would talk to you on Skype you would sound so much happier to say hi to him than me. What was up with that?

I love you, Mims. Love you to the moon and back. I know you’d say, “Love you more,” so, I will end this with that same line because today I love you more than ever. You are my guardian angel.

Love you more.

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