Top Email Pet Peeves

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Email is part of daily life, whether it’s in the workplace or your personal life. I get hundreds of emails a day. And I get hundreds of emails a week with some kind of grammar mistake or etiquette faus paux. And I hate it! These are major pet peeves of mine.

Here’s my list:

-Your welcome. I mean, seriously!?!


-Not hitting reply all. There are certain people who are genetically wired to never hit reply all. If you are copied on an email, it’s for a reason. When you reply, you should reply all.

-Only subject lines. This may be my biggest one! I get emails from this one executive and it’s only a subject line. And it’s usually not a complete thought or a question. There’s nothing in the body of the paragraph. I don’t even know what this person wants. My usual reply is just a ?

-Meeting requests with no agenda. Extra points if the meeting is over an hour. You should usually give people a heads up on what you are going to discuss in a meeting.

-Using text “language.” Your text abbreviations have no place in a formal work email. It’s one thing to send a quick text to your boss and say, “thank u,” but using tmrw or u said u would do this….not good. I want nothing to do with this.

-Ending a sentence in a preposition. This is my biggest life pet peeve. The worst offender: “Where’s it at?” This literally makes me cringe everywhere. You don’t need the “at.” Just say, “Where is it?” Is that so hard?

-I don’t have time to do this. I understand that you can’t necessarily hear someone’s intent via email, but when someone says, “I don’t have time…” it’s usually implying that I do. I’m busy, too, and I don’t exactly have the time to do it either. But this is your job not mine.

-Sending 4 rapid fire emails with thoughts instead of one large email. Since I’m in the creative/marketing field, everyone thinks they are an art director. I get emails all the time that are rapid fire thoughts about a marketing piece. One email will say, “Will you update the price?” And then 4 seconds later another email will come through, “Oh yeah, and the color is wrong.” And then 4 seconds after that another random thought. Take a moment, gather your thoughts and compile them into one clear, concise email.

Okay, so these are mine. What are your email pet peeves?

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