Travel Planning

This past weekend, Vinn and I put together a list of all the places we want to see during our 3 years living in Europe. We put the list in the Notes section of his phone, so we can add to it as we continue to think of places.

On Sunday, I started to do some planning! I love to plan trips. I love researching hotels, must-try restaurants and the top activities. I decided the best way to start researching was to organize the list by month for the best time of year to go. It’s basically an updated version of our European travel bucket list.


I don’t want to share our full list, but just wanted to share how we’re going about our planning. I can’t wait to visit some amazing places!!

Our most feasible next trip will be here:




Time to go and keep researching. Gotta go. Any suggestions?


  1. eileenswanderlust | 24th May 16

    The Anne Frank house…make an online reservation 😊

  2. The Wild Wayfarer | 24th May 16

    Amsterdam is great, especially when the weather is nice! Anne Franks is really somewhere to see 🙂

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