True Sadness

I like for this blog to be a happy place on the inter webs. The name Room for Gelato came from my love of all things Italian and ice creame and that life is always worth focusing on the positive things. I still believe this to be true. The glass will always be half full for me.

But, with so many horrible events happening recently, I just want to touch on my feelings about it.

I can’t believe this is where the world has come. A world where kids don’t feel safe at school. A world where adults fear going to work every day. A world where terrorists are bombing our monuments, our restaurants, our entertainment, everything. A world where people leave puppies in trash cans and left for dead. A world where parents let their children go to school without coats in the cold winter.

It makes me so sad that people are living in fear every day. Fear for their lives. Fear for their children’s lives.

It makes me angry that there is still racism, terrorism, discrimination and the glass ceiling.

I don’t have any of the answers. I just want my future children to come into a better world. A world full of love instead of hate. Tolerance instead of ignorance. Peace instead of war. I hope we can one day get there as a nation and society.

To anyone affected by any of the tragedies recently, my heart and prayers go out to you!



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