Uh-bsessed with Home Tours

Confession: I LOOOOVVEE home tours. I love learning about interior design. I love seeing how people decorate their homes. I love to find that perfect piece!

If there’s always room for gelato, there’s always room for cute decor.

I think I love home tours so much because I always wonder what’s behind the big bay window in the gorgeous brownstone in downtown Chicago. And home tours reveal it! They look behind the curtain. I love to see how people live and feel like you get a true sense of who a person is based on where and how they live.

I think Jeana Keough’s friend said it best in an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County when Jeana was redecorating. She said (well, I’m paraphrasing. I’m not that much of a Bravo-holic), “People display photos of themselves in their home of when they feel like they were their best. So, if someone has pictures hung on their walls from 25 years ago, they are living in the past.”

Based on this logic, our wedding day was my hay day. 🙂 #swoon #truestory

Since I’m obsessed with this, I wanted to share where I go to for decor inspiration and for peeking behind the gates!

The Everygirl does great home tour features all the time. Side bar: I love this web site! It has everything from decor inspiration, career profiles, tips on saving money, everything that interests girls, I guess.

They just posted a great home tour out in San Francisco and I love everything about this home office! It’s light and airy but has enough space to actually get shit done!


Style Me Pretty also does some pretty impeccable home tours, like this one of College Prepster. <— I also really love Carly from this blog!

I mean, look at how cute her puppy is on this pink couch!


I prefer Style Me Pretty’s tours because of their layout. Underneath each picture they list where items were purchased, whereas, The Everygirl puts it all at the bottom. I’m not a patient person. I don’t want to scroll back to the picture to see if I want to click the link to how much it costs!


I swoon over her organization of nail polishes. I tried to put an IKEA spice rack in our bathroom for nail polish and Hubby wouldn’t let me. I mean, I guess it’s also his bathroom. #lame Some day I’ll have my own separate area in the bathroom and can do whatever I want with it!! #dreamin’

Apartment Therapy is a no brainer to see how people have designed small spaces in unique ways.

Check out this London flat. <— I love it mostly because in London your apartment is called a flat.


I love the organization of this tiny kitchen. I only dream to be this organized. I’m not sure how I would do with open shelving, though.

Even though they don’t blog anymore, Young House Love will always remain a top favorite. I definitely appreciate doing all things DIY, I’m just not that crafty. These two are such an inspiration for going after what’s right for you and your family. Their aesthetic is great and they never shy away from a gallery wall, which I love.


I love gallery walls and this one is sheer perfection.

I guess, I just really want to be a fly on the wall in someone’s home. I love the videos Bravo‘s web site does of housewife home tours. You should check them out sometime and see how “the other half” lives.

Some day I plan to post a home tour of my own. Granted, it’s not really a home tour, more of a these are the 4 rooms I currently reside in an effort to save money for my McMansion some day. I’ll definitely do that after I update the man cave and pantry because no one needs to see only the “before” shot!

Where do you get your home decor inspiration? Am I the only creeper out there who likes looking inside stranger’s homes? 


  1. Liz | 5th Mar 15

    I love home tours too! Its crazy how the other half lives. Whats crazier is how young some of these girls are! I just always wonder how on Earth they got to where the are now that they can afford all this. It’s either they’ve been working very hard, they married someone older than them that has money, or their parents still fund everything. lol

  2. Jessica | 6th Mar 15

    Thanks for reading!! I agree. I always wonder how people get to where they are. And what can I do get there too??

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