Why, hello there.

You’re probably noticing some differences around the ‘ol blog recently. I have decided to take the leap and make some upgrades. I’ve always wanted to be part of some sort of blog sponsorship programs and to really “up my blogging game.”

I want to redesign the blog, put together a style guide so the pictures are more consistent and I have a schedule for writing posts. I’ve been pretty low-key about everything and I feel it’s time to make this everything it should be.


A real throwback picture for you! This is me eating gelato in Rome in 2012! 

I am going to be doing a lot of behind the scenes action and I’m trying to make my little place on the internet a great place for people to visit who want to read about the great things in life. With all the negativity surrounding our world today, I think we all need to have somewhere to go to escape the bad and soak in the good. I want to write about the great experiences I’m having while living as an expat, our travel destinations, just everything that makes life worth living.

So, please bear with me as I figure out everything and I hope you enjoy my little spot on the World Wide Web.

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